D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

There really are dumb questions

I know that I say (and mean!) That "The only Dumb question is the one not asked."

I really do mean that - MOST OF THE TIME.

Today I got one of those very DUMB questions asked of me.

Now, I posted a picture on my DA account. I not only posted the FINISHED piece of art, but I also posted my concept sketch, my inked version and my finished version. So I posted all stages of creation of this image on my gallery for people to look at. (Among all my other artwork naturally)...

Someone posts this comment:
knight112823 hours ago OMG this is so beatiful and mazing , did u make this pic?

What I wanted to respond with:
No, I went to the goblin kingdom with my camera.
No, I stole it from someone else.
No, It just magically appeared in my toilet so I scanned it an hung it up in my DA gallery.

OF COURSE I "made" it, what a dumb freaking question. You can SEE I made it, I posted it in several stages as a work in progress.

I'd forgive a question like this from say a 12 year old in Russia. (Whose English is stilted. I know quite a few people overseas with better English skills.) Not a 19 year old In California. Really? REALLY? Why else would it be in my Art Gallery?

There are dumb questions, that would be one of them. (We'll not touch her horrific spelling, grammar and the fact she lists herself on her own DA page as a "Writer". )


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