D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Star Wars Debate...


Hubby and I were sitting here watching all day marathon of the Star Wars movies...

We're to the scene where Han and Leia are hiding from Imperials in a cave on an asteroid...

Me:  Correct me if I'm Wrong but Asteroids, by definition have no atmosphere's correct?

John: Yes.

Me: So How come They can go outside of the Faclon with only poxy face masks on?

John: Shut Up.

Me: How can those Minox things live in there with no Atmosphere?

John: Shut Up.

Me: How can that Worm Thing Live on that asteroid with no Atmosphere and no food or water source?

John: Shut Up! Star Wars is like Religion. "How Did all Those Animals survive for 40 days on an Arc with only 8 people let alone get all the millions of species on it?" The Answer a priest gives you is "Shut up, have faith." This is Star Wars... You're not supposed to be Steven Hawking, you're just supposed to Shut up. In Religion it's Shut Up, God Did it. In Star wars, It's shut up Lucas Did it. There I explained it.


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