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My EPIC PWNAGE of A Muslim Radical!

My Debate with yet another CRAZY Muslim... Oh this is so nutty you could make a granola bar out of this...

Read and Laugh:

Once again it is in regards to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-_xLX1cNl4
And the Question on the table posed in the video. "Prove Mohamed Spoke to GOD" (Prove the Validity of the Quran)...


@fablespinner a proof that God spoke to our prophet Mohamed pbuh,the Quran emphasis that curing Leprosy is one of Jesus's miracles,Why did Mohamed pubh choose curing leprosy above all other ancient diseases at that era to be one of Jesus's miracles?why he didn't (choose) smallpox or any other disease?amazing how today science and advanced medicine are incapable to cure leprosy?so either Mohamed pbuh was a genius bacteria specialist to pick up the perfect disease for a miracle or tell me!

@fablespinner Quran stated that Jesus's cured leprosy.1500 years ago Mohamed pbuh told us that Jesus's cures leprosy as miracle and today 2010 advanced science is paralyzed and incapable to cure it,the Quran gave you one living proof for now,you see Mohamed pbuh prepared us to hit you hard with living proofs,if you say there's cure to leprosy today,sorry i would i say you're a (lair) you say he was lucky i say u'r (ignorant) as the quran mentioned leprosy more than one time. SPIN it LOL

@Benghazison Just because something is printed in a book does not make it true. I cannot believe I have to actually say that frankly. You cannot use the quran to prove the validity of the quran. That's absurd and not how the scientific method works. It (any 'fact' you say is contained within the quran) needs independent corroboration and peer review to be substantiated as fact. This is basic common sense. Where is an independent historians accounting of lepers being cured? There is none.

@philosopher28 bro plz just ask fablespinner to answer my questions about Jesus's pbuh Miracle of curing leprosy in the Holy Quran. trust me i have been debating those so-called atheists for a long time now, and i beat them hard. you know what, if fablespinner try to be smart to answer,i would nail him into a wall of smart butts but if he avoid to answer my questions that mean he already nailed himself LOL he needs a proof that God spoke to our prophet pbuh i gave him a living proof.

4 days ago
@Benghazison I do have need on occasion to sleep. You "beat me hard?' and "nail me to a wall of smart butts" really? You don't even have my gender correct. I was avoiding nothing, I was ASLEEP. Your arrogance when someone does not leap to answer you within seconds is utterly astounding. I shall not answer you again, you are a fanatic who is blind to reason anyway. As I told Philospher 28 and he too seems to have missed the point, I'll reiterate. The debate is OVER. Neither of you listen anyway,

@fablespinner First sorry about the gender issue,i knew that you wouldn't answer, because my questions are " A big Slap on the face of atheism"i know that was coming " The debate is OVER" LOL your logic and reason are not able to help you to answer,here's a little advice when you can't handle a discussion with Muslims don't try to engage in it, let me tell you this i am specialist in beating atheists, i have been doing that for ages, ask your Godfather John,he knows that well.LOL

@Benghazison -- Muslims I notice always have to have the last insult. Or is that word? You can believe whatever you want to. Those reading this thread with two halves a brain cell to rub together know who is delusional and who is laughing. And Godfather? John is my husband. (And I predict with almost 100% assurance that you like your "bro" phil28 that this comment thread will have yet one more response. Can he resist not having the last word? It is rather a trend I notice they cannot resist...)

@fablespinner you never answer and you'll never answer,that's what i am sure about, according to logic and reason (someone) told our prophet Mohamed pbuh to choose curing leprosy as one of Jesus's miracles above all other ancient diseases from that era,and his choice of that miracle is still the perfect choice up to this second as modern science is incapable to cure lerpsoy.so if it was not God who told him to choose it,then who? or how did he know? either God or you tell me.good night

@Benghazison - I did answer this DAYS ago, because you didn't read it not my problem. -- But here just FYI: Leprosy can generally be cured with antibiotics that kill Mycobacterium leprae. Because Mycobacterium leprae can be resistant to certain antibiotics, a combination of antibiotics is often used. The three most commonly used antibiotics are: * Dapsone * Rifampin * Clofazimine.

It is CURABLE. So I'm sorry if you live in a place without this knowledge or access to medication.

@fablespinner wikipidia is doing great job lol there's no such thing, it cant be cured nor eliminated, when you talk about treatment is different issue from cure and elimination. when we say CURE means to eliminate the whole disease and get the skin back as it was. controlling and slowing a diseases are not CURE. you dig?do you still remember your comment about your historian records of leprosy cure LOL bye

@Benghazison You're talking about two different things. One is the disease which does have a cure. The other is physical damage to the body. The latter is "healed" through plastic surgery.

@DeistPaladin are we talking about same disease in here? the disease that mentioned in the Quran as one of Jesus' pbuh miracle is incurable and there's no need to any kind of surgery at all afterward,there's no cure to that disease, we call it in Arabic ALBARAS, the translation of the Quran in English is a big mess, any way either i will take a picture of a friend of mine who has that disease for over 30 years or i will find pictures on the internet to show it to you.

@Benghazison -- Then I have severe and genuine pity for your friend who is not receiving appropriate medical care. Because a cure IS available in western medicine and has been for quite some time. I once worked in the medical field and I obtained the information of Leprosy cures from a far more trusted medical resource and not "wikipedia". While the disease is aggressive and resistant to single treatments, it does respond and is cured with equally aggressive multi-anti-biotic mix treatments.

@Benghazison - My husband answered the first half of this and I'll add perhaps you should be a bit more specific then in your questioning, otherwise it just looks as if you're moving the goal posts when you get an answer you don't like. Second I remember quite well asking for that evidence of documentation from a contemporary historian saying a leper was cured by Jesus. You cannot use the quran or the bible, where is the corroborating evidence to substantiate the claims of miracles being made?

@fablespinner John is talking about different stuff,he said that a plastic operation would be done aftermath to fix the damage,that's not the case would with that disease i am talking about,last year i told John about some individuals who i know in person suffer that incurable disease and you can check my older comments,any way i'll get for both of you the scientific name in English for that disease ALBARAS that mentioned in the Quran,I don't use even one word from the so-called BibleS LOL

@Benghazison - Then why did you specifically SAY leprosy on numerous occasions before? You are GOAL POST MOVING. You don't like our answers so you're changing the question and then saying that's what you meant all along. You cannot do that. You are also purposefully misunderstanding John's answer, I know you're not that dimwitted. Plastic Surgery is used to correct the cosmetic damage done to skin from Leprosy it does not cure leprosy itself. He clearly said that. I'm done now with this topic.

@Benghazison - And I looked up ALBARAS in a middle English Dictionary. It is Leprosy. (University of Ann Arbor - Printed 2001 First Printing 1956) So it's been in use a while, updated regularly and No matter what Spin you put on it, Whatever you call it or try to goal post move... ALBARAS is just the Middle English Term for Leprosy. Same Disease, different name.

@fablespinner Hold on let me call my friend he is a doctor, i am gonna ask him for Albaras in English. wait please

@Benghazison -- GOAL POST MOVING (This is getting pathetic) It's okay to admit when you're wrong you know, it does not make you less of a man it makes you an itelligent one who can admit a mistake. And Why am I going to take your HEARSAY explanation when I found the definition independently from a peer reviewed source written by several PhD's (Doctors)? Really this is getting pathetic now your desperation to move this goal post into a position to make your claims right.

@fablespinner he said to me its VITILIGO that's the English name for ALBARAS and the Leprosy name in Arabic is JOOTHAM, so here we have to names for 2 different diseases, the one mentioned in the Holy Quran is ALBARAS = Vitiligo
here is the leprosy and vitiligo
البرص - جذام
so you can google-image and see the differences in photos.
any way the idiots who translate the Quran are missing things up.so if there a cure to vitiligo plz let me know,again CURE not TREATMENT LOL

@Benghazison VITILIGO? AHAHAHAH! I'm sorry but Jesus's miracle cures now are not for leprosy but VITILIGO? Oh Goodness I can't breathe for laughing. Honey that's even more pathetic. Vitiligo is just a simple condition that affects the pigment of the skin in spots. A total loss of pigment in splotches, that's all. My Ex Husband had Vitiligo on his hands. It's not contagious, it's it not painful, you just get little (or large) albino spots on your skin. This is not life threatening. You LOSE.

@Benghazison - I will also clarify to those reading that VITILIGO is also *NOT* a disease. It is a Disorder that is commonly linked to Thyroid issues and autoimmune deficiencies in those affected with de-pigmentation. There is no virus, bacteria or pathogen that causes it. It's Not contagious. It occurs when the cells of your skin that cause pigmentation die. That's all. It's not serious. And while there is no cure, it can be treated and you can get an even skin tone with elected de-pigmentation

Please note how he begins his TIRADE with LEPROSY and I debunk it... Then Leprosy becomes ALBARAS and I DEBUNK IT and prove ALBARAS is the same thing a Leprosy, then suddenly the Muslim Jesus's miracle is the cure to VITILIGO... not quite so miraculous. This is called Argument ad nauseum and moving the Goal posts when you get answers you don't like.

"No what I mean to say was..." excuses.

This is EPIC PWANGE. I PWNED YOUR ASS and will continue to do so until you GIVE UP.

Also, you will notice he has never once answered *MY* question. Where is a third party, contemporary Historian's accounting of miracles? Specifically Cured Lepers. That would have been BIG NEWS, learned people would have written that down. NO ONE DID. There's not a single mention of Jesus ANYWHERE from ANY HISTORIAN of the era. Not ONE. So I know he cannot provide me "evidence" because smarter men than he have tried and failed to do so, which is why he is avoiding answering me like the plague and trying to redirect the conversation. It's SAD.

OH Wait there is now a continuation since last post!!!

@fablespinner Now you made me laugh,so to you guys it has to be a dangerous disease and life threatening to be called miracle when it's cured LOL Albaras (vitiligo) is an ugly skin disease or its a disorder whatever you wish to call it, Any way when science cure Albaras come and tell me about it LOL,i feel sorry for those smart butts who translate the Holy Quran,they changed Arabic name of a disease into other one, no cure to Albaras (Vitiligo) 'cause it was Jesu's pbuh miracle. bye

@Benghazison - Your Goal Posts have wheels. You've gone from adamantly proclaiming Leprosy was the miracle, to ALBARAS, to Vitiligo. I'm not the one changing the condition. And Really, Curing Leprosy in an age where it did not have a cure was far more impressive than curing Vitiligo. Leprosy ROTS away the human body in excruciating pain, Vitiligo is just blotchy skin. Hmmm. Had I been Jesus, I'd have picked leprosy to cure. You're the one flailing around trying to make sense here, not me
@Benghazison - By the way I'm not claiming anything is a miracle either, you're the one making that claim. I not the one trying to prove miracles, you are. And you failed. You kept changing the disease when I PWNED and DEBUNKED you time and time again. Leprosy, Albaras, Vitiligo! Just stop now, you're making an utter fool of yourself grasping at straws and it's almost painful to watch now. Just accept your loss like a man and move on now. It's getting ridiculous.

X____X This guy is killing me! LOL LOL LOL! 


@fablespinner Again answer my question why did the Quran choose VITILIGO as one of Jesus' pbuh miracles? 1500 years ago how did our holy prophet pbuh know that ALBARAS vitiligo would be incurable? when you answer my question i will get back to you. LOL smile go check the difference between those 2 words LOL
البرص - الجذام
when you find cure to ALBARAS let me know plz LOL bye

@Benghazison - Oh you cannot be serious! We've beaten this dead horse enough. I've answered this question. Because you do not like my answer does not mean I didn't repeatedly answer it. You've been avoiding answering mine for 4 days. It's YOUR TURN to answer a Question. Provide EVIDENCE that a contemporary Historian of the Era documented Leprosy (Or Vitiligo LOL) being cured (Miracle Documentation). Provide outside evidence beyond what is printed in the quran, It's now your turn to answer... GO!
(Please note this is almost WORD FOR WORD what he said at the very beginning of the argument except Leprosy is now Vitiligo.)


Oh and Apparently We aren't done yet.... This guy just cannot accept defeat.

@fablespinner Here is my questions again: why did the Quran choose curing ALBARAS VITILIGO as one of Jesus' pbuh miracles? and why ALBARAS is incurable up this second? when you find out why tell me plz LOL LOL LOL you will never answer LOL. you want a history record lol well you don't believe the Holy Quran is from God that's fine,so now it's 1500 years old history record stating that ALBARAS is cured by Jesus pbuh.either way i am hitting you hard lol lol

@Benghazison - See, NO you don't get to do this. I've answered this question already, many times. You just don't like my answer. You don't get to be a broken record now. It's your turn, answer my question if you're man enough and have the balls. Which I doubt. If you ask this same asinine question again you automatically lose the debate, man up, grow a pair of balls and it's YOUR TURN to start answering questions, you lost round one. Deal with it. Now Answer *MY* question. I have answered yours.



@fablespinner typical American culture of debating,when they stuck in a corner they would personalize the issue,I'll ignore your childish words,i never lose any round until you answer my questions with logic and reason but you never answer.you want historian record stating that ALBARAS was cured,I gave you the only ancient record available for 1500 years,it's the Quran,you don't want to accept it as God's book that's fine,so you can have it as history record,the choice is yours now. LOL

@Benghazison - No it is *NOT* a Historical Document. You cannot use the quran to prove the validity of the statements made in the quran. That is NOT how the scientific method works. Miracles, I would suspect, would be pretty BIG NEWS, especially if a guy is walking around curing Leprosy (or making someone more datable by curing Vitiligo.) So hey, you'd think a learned person living in this era would write that down. They did for lots of other things. PROVE YOUR CLAIMS. Where is the evidence?

I'm just about DONE with this guy, it's just getting painful now...

@fablespinner look I agreed with you LOL you wouldn't accept the Holy Quran as God's book i said great it's (not) LOL, now it's the only historian document available telling us that ALBARAS = vitiligo was cured. you asked me for a historian record i gave it to you, you don't believe it's God's book then it has to be history for you.now you answer my questions lol lol i know you are mad now but heck i can't help you to smile lol

@Benghazison - I'm not mad, don't assume. I'm sorry, we're talking the 7th century, there are thousands of historical records from this time period in existence. The Quran is NOT the only document. (Your words). But it *IS* the only one that claims MIRACLES. Therefore you cannot prove the VALIDITY of your claims. No other source confirms or corroborates. You can prove NOTHING. Yet you believe it w/out any proof. Illogical. So it's not History, the Quran is just a story book full of fables.
@fablespinner you used bad language earlier,that's why i said you are mad lol it could be fine to use it with Americans,it's a matter of culture differences.John asked us Muslims to prove that God spoke to our prophet pbuh,I raised my questions,if it was not God who told him about curing ALBARAS Jesus' miracle then who? and the best proof it's not curable up to this second,so the choice of a miracle in the Quran is perfect.my question is a very logical, back to your historian record....
@Benghazison - No it's not logical and you are absolutely FIXATED on nonsense. Trapped in a box of your own making. Sad. Very Sad. Cancer isn't curable either, male pattern baldness isn't curable, I can go on and on, just because one minor treatable skin condition (IYO) is mentioned does not prove the validity of a supernatural conversation and pow wow in a cave. I know you're just going to regurgitate the same thing over and over, you are a broken record. (and BALLS is a bad word? Since When?)
@fablespinner I knwo for sure you don't accept a word form the Quran as words of God, i said that's fine but it has to be history record about curing ALBARAS, now you would say no, you don't wanna have it as God book nor you don't wanna have it as history record. you would say no, but you need to know this book has been preserved for 1500 years, wouldn't that give it credit? there's only one version still the same. you believe it's a book full of fables that's fine but tell me about this...

Just because something is part of history does not make it a historial record of events. I have a 100 year old book of Fairy Tales by the Brother's Grimm. It's an antique but just because it's old does not make it full of facts. It's full of stories. The stories in the quran are no more true and no more considered HISTORY than my book of Grimm's fairy tales.

@fablespinner Now tell me about this book that full of (fables). regardless who was the (author) how did he know about choosing ALBARAS curing miracle to be one of Jesus' pbuh miracles? that's my question is very logical and with reason i have asked myself 100000 times, i was once a professional atheist a young lad, i never found any answer but one logical it has to be God end story. think about it. bye
@Benghazison - He would know because LEPROSY or ALBARAS or your laughable VITILIGO was something people suffered from commonly. *DUH* Just as today someone who was claiming to be the next prophet would replace your "ALBARAS/VITILIGO" with "AIDS" that's still proves NOTHING other than Mohammed paid attention to the people he lived with and around. It does not prove that God spoke to him, I know about diseases and skin conditions and I've never had a chat over tea with a supernatural sky daddy

@fablespinner again my book is specific about ALBARAS = vitiligo, my question is easy why did the book choose it as miracle? why science is incapable to cure it even after 1500 years? who told our prophet to pick up curing ALBARAS as miracle ? so far you are just telling me comical stories our LOL,you didn't give me any answer. you have absolutely nothing to offer,i know my question is a corner and you stuck there. you don't wanna admit it was God, nor you saying even you don't know LOL

(I'm not even answering this one... I've done so several times thusfar.)




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