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Never debate Zealot Muslims

Just don't if you value your sanity at all...

Read my conversation with Crazy:

  • so what's ur point, do you think that someone illiterate can simply claim that God spoke to him ? well i tell you something else .. why don't you try to find any contradiction in the Quran .. The Quran in the second chapter says that this book doesn't have a mistake .. find me a mistake or a contradiction .. if you want a proof for Mohammed (pbuh) message .. you have it in your hands .. The Quran .. plus .. why r you asking Muslims to prove ? ARE YOU SEEKING THE TRUTH ? or you just wanna argue ?
  • @philosopher28 "Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence." John is not claiming God spoke to him, he has nothing to prove or disprove. The Quran (And Muslims) CLAIM God spoke to Mohamed. The burden of proof is on Islam since it makes the claim. Christians like to try and do this too. It's not up to John to prove God DID NOT talk to Mohamed. You claim god DID TALK, so it should be easy for you to prove that right? Without using the Quran. You can't use the quran to prove the quran.
  • @fablespinner just go study early Christianity and go study the biography of the man you are attacking .. in fact .. lits of so ignorant people like u dont know anything .. and hardly took their high school degree talking about nothing they knew about except from the media .. what do u know about Islam or its prophet ?? .. Go study your own corrupted Christian history before u attack ur masters .. IDIOTS
  • @philosopher28 - I'd take you far more seriously if you could form a coherent sentence without reverting to chat-speak whilst in the same breath speaking of my education or apparent lack thereof in your opinion. This all sounds like foaming at the mouth fanaticism and I try not to make a habit of having logical discussions with radicals.
  • @fablespinner just go study your corrupted church history before you accuse people with their faith .. up till 327 AD you didn't know who was Jesus .. and in fact Constantine who drew your faith outlines and not Jesus ... go study and come back .. before you show your ignorance to the whole world
  • You presume far too much...

    1.) You presume I have not studied. I have.
    2.) I can tell you presume me Christian as well. I'm not.
    3.) You presume I ascribe to a faith, I do not.

    So the one showing ignorance would not be me in this debate or equation.
  • @fablespinner in fact YOU have failed Jesus (pbuh) He asked his followers this is for the black sheep of Israel and dont take it to the gentiles .. (they didn't do that) .. He said pray for the Father who SENT me .. instead you are praying for him and for the holly spirit .. He was a Jewish Rabbi who respected the OLD LAW.. didn't eat pork, didn't drink wine (you made him none of that) ... and .. YOU SAY YOUR GOD DIED for your sins .. sorry .. who the hell are you so God wud care for you? IDIOTS
  • @philosopher28 -- I point to my last comment and I'll just add. Perhaps you should proofread your comments before rushing to hit that Post button. Your ramblings smack of fanaticism and overflow with spelling and grammar errors which make your broken phrases even more painful to decipher. Perhaps taking an anger management class wouldn't be such a bad idea for you.
  • @fablespinner you want a proof not from the Quran that God spoke to Mohammed (pbuh) ??.... the Quran proves itself as a divine book ... NOT ENOUGH ?? .. and saying that you have studied and not having a certain faith .. that doesn't make you better in my point of view
  • @philosopher28 -- No it's not enough. Christians try to use the BIBLE to prove the BIBLE is whole. Muslims try to use the Quran to prove the Quran.
    That would be like me holding up, say the dictionary, saying it's holy and then using the dictionary to prove it's holy. Because the word HOLY is found in it! That makes NO logical sense. So no, it's not enough. I don't blindly follow anything or blindly believe because someone tells me so without a shred of proof to back it up.
  • @fablespinner a proof that God spoke to our prophet Mohamed pbuh,the Quran emphasis that curing Leprosy is one of Jesus's miracles,Why did Mohamed pubh choose curing leprosy above all other ancient diseases at that era to be one of Jesus's miracles?why he didn't (choose) smallpox or any other disease?amazing how today science and advanced medicine are incapable to cure leprosy?so either Mohamed pbuh was a genius bacteria specialist to pick up the perfect disease for a miracle or tell me!
  • @Benghazison Well bro, Mohammed (pbuh) was a Physicist, Historian, Astrologist, Geographic, Mathematician, Biologist, ... and a Doctor .. oh.. he was a poet and a writer too .. and a very selective copier from the Torah and the Gospels .... and you know what .. he is (no.1) in the most Great Persons according to the western analysis in all centuries .. hahhahaha
  • @philosopher28 yes bro you're absolutely right. you know what the Leprosy miracle in our holy Quran is not an ordinary issue, either Mohamed pbuh was incredible great doctor and genius man to choose leprosy as a miracle of Jesus pbuh and his predictions are perfect even after 1500 years because science unable to cure it or God Almighty has told him about it. so atheists would have to admit that he was great genius doctor or God spoked to him? there's no alternative lol sallam bro
  • @philosopher28 Is that all he was?
    Tell me if you can, what do YOU call a man Over 50 who gets aroused and then has sex with a 9 year old girl?
    What do you call a man who has slaves and rapes slaves?
    What do you call a man who believes the earth is flat?
  • @sirjambo there is no record for the prophet wife's Age and as if you are saying something weird (HER FATHER WAS THERE AT THE TIME) .. if you think it is a point to attack Islam from (WHY DIDN'T THE UNBELIEVERS AT HIS TIME ATTACK HIM FOR IT) .. and many historians say she was 19 .. Don't make a fool out of yourself ... YOU BETTER STUDY YOUR CLAIMS BEFORE CALLING THEM

    AND Who said the earth is flat (that is another idiot saying) translation is wrong it is "LAND" .. Earth & land are called ARD
  • @sirjambo And if you don't know history .. pls check what the romans were doing with christians at that time (slavery out of wars was something natural) and ISLAM was the first to free slaves (and not to make their children slaves) ... as most of what the US Christians were doing .. (that was on the 18th century) .. the founding fathers did have slaves and even they slaved their FREE BORN CHILDREN ... PLEASE ... Don't be so idiot and check your info before you call them ...
  • @Benghazison Just because something is printed in a book does not make it true. I cannot believe I have to actually say that frankly. You cannot use the quran to prove the validity of the quran. That's absurd and not how the scientific method works. It (any 'fact' you say is contained within the quran) needs independent corroboration and peer review to be substantiated as fact. This is basic common sense. Where is an independent historians accounting of lepers being cured? There is none.
  • @philosopher28 bro plz just ask fablespinner to answer my questions about Jesus's pbuh Miracle of curing leprosy in the Holy Quran. trust me i have been debating those so-called atheists for a long time now, and i beat them hard. you know what, if fablespinner try to be smart to answer,i would nail him into a wall of smart butts but if he avoid to answer my questions that mean he already nailed himself LOL he needs a proof that God spoke to our prophet pbuh i gave him a living proof.
  • @Benghazison I do have need on occasion to sleep. You "beat me hard?' and "nail me to a wall of smart butts" really? You don't even have my gender correct. I was avoiding nothing, I was ASLEEP. Your arrogance when someone does not leap to answer you within seconds is utterly astounding. I shall not answer you again, you are a fanatic who is blind to reason anyway. As I told Philospher 28 and he too seems to have missed the point, I'll reiterate. The debate is OVER. Neither of you listen anyway,
  • @fablespinner Why wont answer HOW DO WE DIE TOO?
    Where is the designer of that world we are living at (was it by accident that everything is so perfect) ants, bees, cats life . etc
    (was it by chance that birds know how to fly)?
    was by chance that your cat when dumping a dung (it turns to cover it)?
    was all of that by accident ? "if you say that is a descended knowledge"
    why the hell we had to teach our children what we were tought ?
    AREN'T we the Superior beings? LOGIC says There must be GOD
  • @philosopher28 Why wont answer HOW DO WE DIE TOO? -- Because it is a stupid question that has more than a single answer, none of them because a mighty sky daddy points a finger at you and goes "bang, I shot you dead, now fall down." like a six year old playing in the living room with finger guns.

    Just because you have to have an explanation for why things happen or evolve or came to be does not make the answer you supply correct. It's called delusional and/or wishful thinking. We are DONE NOW.
  • @fablespinner i didn't say that we die for a cause (because of illness or someone to shoot you dead) this is stupid .. i said why do people die while their body systems are very good and in good health .. this was my question .. if you don't know why do that soul (which you don't believe it exists) leave the body ..well you can create people from nothing then (but even cloning you can't do it from nothing) there had to be a living cell so you clone something of it (can't you see there is GOD?)
  • @philosopher28 "i said why do people die while their body systems are very good and in good health .. this was my question .." They don't. There is a catalyst. Just because a death is determined "Unknown Cause of Death" by the coroner STILL does not mean the big sky daddy said "Bang". Or that your "soul" just decided to become unglued and float away. It is simply unexplained.

    No, I do not have to explain the unknown with the GOD CARD. I can accept not knowing or explaining everything.
  • @fablespinner so you simply say there is no GOD .. and this whole perfection of the world (EACH KINGDOM) was done by accident (wow) .. can you draw me a portrait out of accident please ... get some oil colors and mix them and throw them .. see if you can make a portrait out of that accident ...(REALLY THE IDIOT THING TO SAY IS TO SAY THERE IS NO DESIGNER TO THAT PERFECT WORLD) ... "what can i say" .. well .. yes .. people who don't hv minds are in great bless ... pity you
  • @philosopher28 "get some oil colors and mix them and throw them .. see if you can make a portrait out of that accident ..."

    Google "Jackson Pollock" - Yes, great art can happen by accident.
  • @fablespinner i didn't say Cyrillic art (by the way i am a designer and an artist) .. i said portrait ": which means if you don't understand it .. a perfect illustration for a human face (or any illustration as a table or a chair) ... pick your choice
    Sorry, chances to get that by accident is ZERO ... and Logic says (if there is a design .. so there must be a designer) .. and all kingdoms of living beings (animals insects .. etc are perfect design) and animal Instinct shows there is a teacher
  • @philosopher28 - You are so mind numbingly insulting, I am absolutely, unequivocally finished with you. I said it before I mean it this time, I'm done speaking to you, I'm through having you condescend and insult my intelligence and use examples wholly disparate from each other in the discussion to try and prove something that is frankly unprovable outside of your book a fairy tales. Which was the whole point that has gotten lost in your trying to redirect the conversation into absurdities. DONE
  • @fablespinner AND who is showing ignorance here ?? you say that this whole world doesn't have a creator ? .. can't you find it too hard to believe that this world came up from nothing or by chance ? . AND what about the soul inside of us .. WHY DO WE DIE ?? people die with no reason when all of their body systems are working perfectly (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE) unless there is a Creator .. I see you are an Artist ?? From where that perfection of the nature around you?. What is that SOUL ?? .. C'mon
  • @philosopher28 - You haven't read a word I said and you are putting words into my mouth I never said. The debate is OVER. I don't think I have a soul thanks. I think when I die I become worm food. I fear no hell and I don't believe heaven exists either. I can appreciate beauty for the sake of beauty, Why do we die? Everything DIES. There does not have to be a meaning. But as I said, we're done I'm tired of you being presuming too much about me and then not listening and being angry & insulting.
  • @fablespinner well .. the Quran itself is a proof and it is enough .. you read it and check on the history of that illiterate man in the desert, he can't come up with logic science mathematics, astrology, and universe creation by himself, and no contradiction and no errors .. so it is a divine .. and for you don't think you have a soul (so whats making you live, what makes the unicellular being living ? and what makes it die ? )
  • @fablespinner you said everything dies and why should something live at the first place .. you know why i am in such manners .. cause simply the founders of LOGIC themselves found out that this world can't come up from nothing .. and the whole world don't believe that ... if you think your existence was by accident then as if the building came up by accident .. it doesn't show except nonsense .. if there is a design so there must be a designer .. this beauty can't be done from chaos, can it be?

    Based on this video:




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