D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Yay for my NERDY DAY!

Oh it was a lovely NERDY DAY!

Got up, even though it was raining cats and dogs and we all piled into the car (John, Mom, Dad and I) and we headed over to the IMAX theater in the Science Museum, and we met up with about 20 other people from our Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers Group and we all went to see en masse "HUBBLE".

The movie was good, but not nearly enough shots of pictures the hubble actually TOOK and far too much showing us Astronauts FIXING the Hubble telescope since 1989.

The Hubble means a lot to me, it went up in space round about the time I graduated high school and started college and I just love how much of the origins of the universe it has opened up for science.

That being said I was fairly disappointed that for an IMAX movie, they showed about 10 minutes worth of fantastic imagery and 45 minutes of stuff that would have been just as interesting on TV and didn't need IMAX to show it. It was extremely informative and I would have watched it on TV just the same and learned just as much. So POO-POO on the person who put together this movie's visuals.

Then after the movie, we went across the street to Mrs. Potter's coffee shop and got Mochas and Foccacia sammies. (Mmmm, Roasted Red pepper and goat cheese!).

Then started the best part of my NERDY DAY! Having fabulous conversations where words like: Hydrogen, Propulsion, Nebula, Event Horizon, Gas Giants, Andromeda, Quantum Gravity, Hawking-radiation, etc... crop up, in context, repeatedly, in prolonged educated discourse.

I love exercising gray matter! <3

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