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Thank GOD it's Friday, I am so bloody tired this morning.

It's drizzling out, the skies are all grey, it's cold... I just want to be sleeping under the covers.

Then I want to wake up, and not get out of bed and read my book.

Not gonna happen, I have to go to work.


Pray the work is light for me today so I can get out early. That's the only GOOD PART about this sort of work. When you're done, you're done and you go home.

This SUCKS during the week between Christmas and New Years, cause you’re getting maybe 2 hours work a day if THAT.

I took a lack of work day off during that week, and that hurts the paycheck.

This time of year (After the Holiday rush from Oct 15th - Dec 15th You're working 8 hours at the very least, Bring a sandwich and a soda and park it for 10 hours basically) But after the rush, it's like flipping a light switch, the work is instantly stalled until the Rush to get invitations out for *ALL* the June Brides starts.

Today is one of the days I'll forgo Money for sleep time, so fingers are crossed we have a light load to typeset today.

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