D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Not a Good Health Day....

Well went to UofL for "Day 1" of the research.

Went in, took the pills, ate the radioactive muffin and then started the gastric emptying test again...
But this time they also have to do blood work... a LOT of blood work... all day long.

Too bad they only got about 3 vials out of me for the lab and that took, three experienced RN's and 16 attempts with a catheter needle and probably 7 attempts with a butterfly needle.

Why was this so difficult?

1.) Good luck finding ANY vein on me to begin with, I've been stuck so many times in my life, my veins are now worthless. I've once had about nine simultaneous IVs in me when I was intabated. Head, arms, Neck, feet. I cannot count how many times I've had IVs, blood tests etc.. in my life. Thousands is a rather good guess and not at all exaggerated.
2.) If you do manage to hit the rolling, collapsed pieces of shit, more often then not, they then just explode. Literally. I'm covered in welt bruises from were my veins ruptured under the surface today from the needles and the attempts to tap my veins. BLAM! Burst! PAIN!
3.) I also have neuropathy, every stick in my veins feels like a lightening bolt starting at injection site, traveling my body like white hot fire and shooting out one of my big toes, every, single time. I fight the involuntary "twitching" but it's very hard. I try to go to that ZEN place, be motionless, but it's very difficult when the twitching is, as I said, involuntary. I "twitch" just sitting here NOT getting stuck with sharp things.

I hit a major pain tolerance threshold today, I have learned my absolute limits. 16 attempts of jabbing, rolling, scraping for veins (Not just jab and retreat, no Jab, dig around a bit, roll the needle, scrape the nerves type of needle wrangling...)

Had they gone for 17 I might have come unhinged. I would have confessed to kidnapping the Lindbergh Baby, and perhaps masterminding the 9/11 terrorist bombing.... I was done, stick a fork in me, check please, DONE! I was almost incoherent with pain, I was babbling gibberish and crying, I hurt in every pore today, My head pounded, my limbs felt like fire, I just wanted to curl up and sleep for a decade.(I STILL Hurt, an all over ache with random bursts of OMFG OWWIE.)

As it was, I had to call John and Mom at work and have John drop off my Mom at UofL, I was NOT going to be able to drive a car, I was OUT of commission and I still had 2 hours of testing left to go at that point.

Guess what?

I get to do all that again in 7 days.

The only thing making this even remotely worth all this pain is the HOPE that this medication (which I found out is the hormone Ghrelin) works and stalls and regulates the Gastro Paresis.

That alone will get my ass in the car next Wednesday to do it all again.

I look like I'm a war zone survivor with all the bruises.

I'm just continuing with the internal mantra: "It will all be worth it if this works... Suck it up, deal with it, Rinse and repeat Mantra..."
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