D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Best Jareth Cosplay .... EVER!!!!

Best Jareth Cosplayer... EVER. Only Bowie tops this.... WOW. I don't want to know how much this guy paid for his amazingly precise costume... GUH... All I can say is AWESOME!!!!

Jareth, The Goblin King by ~Sandman-AC on deviantART


Jareth from Labyrinth by ~Sandman-AC on deviantART

Yes, Massimilano, you totally ROCK the Jareth Cosplay...

Jareth is back by ~Sandman-AC on deviantART

Guh.... Man I think it's almost TOO GOOD. Cause if I didn't know this was NOT BOWIE, I'd certainly do a double take (Followed perhaps with an arrest for groping a stranger in public...)

Jareth from Labyrinth 2 by ~Sandman-AC on deviantART
Tags: jareth, labyrinth

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