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Diabetic Gastro Paresis... SUCKS

What is it? In a nut shell, it is neuropathy of the stomach, which in turn does not send signals to brain to make the stomach work. You eat and food sits there, and sits there and sits there and sits there. I feel full 24/7 and not the good, sated full, the kind of full you feel on Thanksgiving after a bender. The sick nauseous TOO FULL feeling, all the time. I never WANT to eat, because 2 bites and I'm ready to hurl.

You'd think a side effect of this would be, losing weight right? WRONG. Just the opposite. My body thinks it's not eating, so the metabolism slows way, way down, it starts storing fat and sugar from the food that is constantly just sitting in my stomach. Not digesting worth a damn. So I GAIN weight, it makes my blood sugars so high I have to take ungodly amounts of insulin, even if I haven't eaten anything in 24 hours.

I had to fast that long for a test, my blood glucose reading was 230 ... after fasting just for a night (8 hours of sleep) it should be around 80-110.

It's insane. I never want to stick anything in my mouth, the thought of food makes me GAG, I want none of it, but you have to eat, especially when you are diabetic, you have to maintain, you need vitamins and protein and well you have to eat to live, the mush in my stomach is just that, MUSH, I have to put more in there to push out the old crap.

It's awful.

Tonight, I went on a lovely date with my Hubby, we've had a gift card to Chili's forever (We got it for Christmas) so we FINALLY went and used it. Most expensive 2 shrimp I've ever eaten.

I managed to eat one almost two tortilla chips from off the nacho appetizer and then I ordered fajitas. I ate 2 shrimp. No cheese, no beans, no tortilla, no nothing. Just two shrimp from off the plate with a fork before I just wanted to run to the bathroom and toss my cookies so I stopped.  That tiny amount? Requires 120 Units of insulin too. INSANE! I take in more insulin than FOOD!

The rest is sitting in a to-go box in the fridge for John to eat later. I'm down to eating just one meal a day now cause I just cannot bear to eat anymore at all. But know I have to force something down my gullet. So I am living on meals that would not sustain a toddler. and I'm still fucking gaining weight. I have zero metabolism left, what the insulin and neuropathy didn't kill, the gastro paresis did.

Almost three years now I've been fighting the progression of this thing and only recently has a doctor finally diagnosed it properly. It's brought on a HOST of other problems. My stomach is completely ulcerated, I have a hiatal hernia from it, and for years a regular gastro just threw up his hands at finding what was wrong and just prescribed nexium which does *NOTHING* for me.

Finally, i was sitting her a month ago, watching Dr. Phil when a commercial came on saying "There is a clinical study being held in your area.. blah blah blah" and *ALL* the symptoms they mentioned, I had.

I called. Talked to a nurse who forwarded my information to the local research team (University of Louisville) Where I went and Met with Dr. Wo (He says WU??? But it's spelled Wo...) Anyway, He's a diabetic Gastro specialist and after several tests, we have definitively concluded I have a fairly advanced case of Diabetic Gastroparesis that has been left untreated for many years. DUH, count them almost 3 and my regular gastro never once even thought of this? Knowing I'm diabetic?

Well, I will be starting an experimental drug here in the next week or so and GOD I HOPE IT WORKS! I'd love to eat a whole sandwich and not barf. More than 7 peas before I want to cry from a stomach ache!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! And that this drug gets approved by the FDA quickly. Cause I only get one month of it, then it's waiting to actually get the drug if it works. :(

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