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I am so proud of Kylie... Our Art Lesson this weekend....

I went down to see her, and surprise her for her birthday this past Saturday/Sunday. I brought with me my Old Wacom Intuos 3 9x12 tablet and a brand spanking new copy of Manga Studio Debut 4.0 and we spent all of Saturday Drawing and I can honestly say...

WOW OMG, I *WISH* I had the potential at 12 years old that she does.
Everything, EVERYTHING I showed her, told her, worked with her on, she absorbed like a SPONGE! I am so very proud. Please take a look at her gallery, she posted the very first picture she ever drew with Manga studio here on MB and WOW, if you could have seen the improvement in ONE AFTERNOON I saw you'd all crap your pants. She does not have a scanner, so there was no way to show you her before and after moments. Let's just say in her sketchbook was a sea of "anime" character's whose eyes take up 95% of the face (Ya know the typical mistakes 12 year olds make in the beginning.)

Once I showed her how to draw guidelines to proportion a face and how to sketch in layers. *BLAM* she went from average, to MASSIVE potential in a single bound.

I am so happy and proud of her. <3

OH WAIT... I took pictures. *pauses in typing up this entry to go get them off the camera.....*

Here's photo evidence of our Saturday Art Lesson.... *grin* And Yes a Side by side comparison of BEFORE AND AFTER. :)

Cheese, We've done the guideline layer and the rough/clean up pencils, we're onto inks before I remember my bloody camera is in my purse....

Snapshot of WIP

Another WIP Shot... Please note, always teach good maintenance habits too. Note the glove on her hand. I brought that for her too. (a couple of spares in that ziplock baggie on top of her printer...) I never, ever, EVER use my tablet without a clean white pure cotton inspection glove. It makes your hand glide smoothly over the tablet surface *AND* protects your very expensive equipment from the damaging oils in your skin.

More WIP You can see next to her monitor her Bamboo pen. She had the TINIEST little Bamboo tablet I've ever seen, the drawing surface was smaller than a dollar bill. O_o She got that for Christmas so she's had 3 months of practice almost on a tablet. (If you can call something that dinky a proper tablet. I could not use something that small. O_o)

Here's a shot of the screen. Layer is her roughs and guidelines, Layer 2 was clean pencils, Layer 3 is her inks....

NOW HERE's a BEFORE and AFTER shots on her character "AMY"
In the sketchbook, she drew that LESS THAN 1 WEEK AGO... On the screen "AMY" after just one Facial Anatomy Lesson and a lesson in drawing guidelines first. WHAT AN AMAZING IMPROVEMENT IN just ONE AFTERNOON -- Now you can see why I am so very proud of her....


We moved onto colors and now were on an insane amount of layers, but she took a quick lesson in shading too this weekend. Just the bare basics of Highlight and shadow and where her "light source" is coming from, But she caught on very quickly....

TAH DAH! Yes smile Kylie, you EARNED THAT GRIN! Great Work honey!
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