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Very REAL MySpace Virus - Be AWARE

(Copy and Pasted from beechan2 and spubba )

Just a heads up, guys and gals.

Warning from my friend Spubba, who knows the ins and outs of her computers 700 ways to Saturday and protects them like they were her babies. You all know I don't normally freak over virus warnings from other people, but when it comes to warnings from the Spub, I take said warning seriously.

There appears to be a virus / worm called "Antirvirus Soft" making it's rounds on MySpace.

For the love of God, do NOT go to MySpace. Block the site if you have to, and block it on your routers.

I'm going to copy and paste from Spub's journal, as she explains this better than I can:

"MySpace is spreading around some kind of virus that anti-virus and anti-malware software can't detect. This virus WILL hijack your bank account (it did this to me last night), it WILL hijack your registry, it WILL hijack your browser, it WILL remove your ability to run executables or unzip files, it WILL make your machine bluescreen, freeze up and transmit your personal information to Pakistan, and it WILL turn your computer into an $800 doorstop, and it WILL do all this with your anti-spyware and your anti-virus humming along happily in the background.

This virus installed itself onto my system which has been a clean system for many years. I don't have warez on this system. I don't download music or movies. I run antivirus software and Spybot in the background, with periodic updates and scans. I went to MySpace Music and got SLAMMED within 2 minutes of being on there. I caught "Antivirus Soft" which is a BAD worm.

Malware Bytes did NOT remove this thing. Microsoft Security Essentials didn't even SEE it. I have had I-don't-know-how-many-people tell me to run MSE, that MSE will catch it; I'm sitting here telling you, IT ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT. So you go ahead and browse MySpace with MSE in your tray. Just don't come crying to me when your computer goes wacky on you.

Running new software on the affected machine is a moot point anyway, because I can't unzip anything or run executables (.exe) files on it. Permissions have all been removed from all accounts, including Administrator. The machine is going to the shop tomorrow to get important files backed up (because it is literally paralyzed, I can't do a thing on it, the guy is going to use some special disk tools) and then the whole thing's getting wiped."

But seriously, guys and gals. Stay away from the site. This coming from Spub means you know this isn't just some light hearted warning. For HER machines to be attacked, you know it's serious.


ABSOLUTELY, if SPUBBA can get infected? Be very afraid, this woman knows her stuff and if she can get infected EVERYONE ELSE WILL.... Thank GOODNESS I haven't been to MySpace in ages either!!!!

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