D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Kitteh Picture Post!

All three of my cats love my Electric blankets and especially my electric lap throw...

ESPECIALLY my Tabby Maine Coon Krishna...
The little heat whore... He will lay so long in front of the space heater his fur is HOT and if I have the blankets on? Guess where I find him? ON IT when I get back.

Ya see, this was on my lap 15 minutes ago.... I got up to go to the can, set my throw down on the floor for 5 minutes, I come back to this....

"I claim this electric throw in the name of my nads!!!!"

"Your name wasn't on it mom! It's mine now! See I'm stretched out all over it! MINE!"

Think he's cute? Yeah that is the only thing that saves the little menace!

"But I'm cute, you can't take it away mom... zzzzzzzzzzzzz MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm heat throw!"

This was Krishna on Valentine's Day....

MY BOX! I'll eat the flowers that were in it later.

BONUS IMAGE #2 & #3 (taken on my lap)
Krishna isn't the only Kitteh who likes my Throw, Meet my DUMMIE JACK (Jack is the definition of DUMB, seriously. He takes the short bus to school.)

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