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My Latest Letter to Dell... Guess what, Still a piece of shit!

Dear Dell,

I give up. It's been only one lovely week, I thought At Last you guys fixed the issue.


Once again this computer is  BLUESCREENING. It's done it twice now in the last 24 hours. And No I do not have a stop code...


Both times this computer crashed and bluescreened while the computer was not being used, the monitor was even OFF (I have the monitor set to turn off after being idle for 15 minutes.)

So when I come back to the computer, the monitor is off so I cannot see the stop code, the computer is unresponsive. I have to hold the power button down to restart, then I get notified that there had been in fact a bluescreen upon restart.

This happened about 6 PM last night (Friday) and sometime during the night (I was asleep, go up to work, and once again the same problem.)

I've had it, totally and irrevocably. You sold me the worst, most unreliable piece of crap LEMON of a computer I have ever had the displeasure to own. It's been nearly 6 months now since I bought this thing and I have never been able to use it reliably since.

I've spent months, hours, days etc... doing every test you want me to run, jumped through every hoop you've required of me, tried to be patient until you sent a man out with USED PARTS, that obviously were ALSO BROKEN! Since this computer only worked 7 days before it was bluescreening again!

I demand a brand new replacement at this point. Don't you DARE even breathe refurbished at me. That's a fancy word for "Previously USED and BROKEN" and that is totally unacceptable. I paid for brand new, I never, got what I paid for, this computer has been a piece of crap since I opened the box!

Either send me BRAND NEW exactly as I ordered, or refund me in total and send me a box with a return postage paid sticker and I will be more than happy to return this useless hunk of junk to you and go back to Toshiba. I never once in 4 years ever had a single issue with my last laptop by them. So I know it is possible to make a working computer, just apparently Dell hasn't mastered this technology yet.

I have entirely lost all faith in tech support at this point. You all have failed miserably to fix this problem. I will reinstate my complaint with the Better Business Bureau, better notify "Jessie @ corporate" who has called me twice (Her extension 7283898) service tag # D14RRJ1.

BBB Complaint ID#: 90172272
Business Name: Dell Inc

You have until Friday, March 5th to resolve this or I will take this to my business attorney, Mr. Karl (Buzz) Victor, Louisville KY. I am through being taken advantage of and my good nature and patience abused. All I want is what a paid for, a brand new working computer... I really don't think that's a lot to ask for here. I don't want punitive damages, I'm not asking for reimbursement for work I cannot complete because of this machine, I just want WHAT I PAID FOR and it's like I'm asking DELL for a first born to sacrifice here!

Extremely Angry and Dissatisfied.
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