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Ah, the exuberance of Youth and boy do I feel old...

I just got a frantic and excited all capped e-mail from bubbaq

My first reaction was shock.

Apparently Sandra (his Mom) said he could come all summer.

I'm talking June through August, and as much as I'd like him here, that just ain't possible.

A.) I have to Work (I have a few irons in the fire for Jobs) So I'd have like no time to spend with him
B.) I couldn't afford to take care of him for three months, (Food, Clothes, incidentals, etc... I'm broke)
C.) My Dad's Sister (My Aunt Vicki and her Husband) are coming in July for a Visit and we just would not have room for all those guests. We'd have to put Bubba in the garage with the dog for 2 weeks. O__o
D.) Mom is going to Virginia over the fourth of July Weekend for the annual family reunion and I'll be at stormcloude's with herophelia and kelroni, and a horde of others at AX in Anaheim that weekend. I can barely afford to get my carcass there, let alone bring Bubba with me this time around. If I get the job I want, in the future that won't be a problem, this year money is super tight.

So I told him he can come for 2 weeks, THAT we can handle here at the house, and it would be either the end of June or the End of July he can come. He looks like he's shooting for June 15-30th

So that will be cool. Even if I am gone during the day, I think I have more than enough Anime here to keep him occupied while I'm at work.

So we'll see what happens, I never had to entertain a teenager before, I'm not a mom. EEK. So we'll stick with being the cool Aunt and see how we fare.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? just_ruth any suggestions? Marirose is Bub's age... HELP!!!!

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