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What is it with businesses anymore? Really.

Or maybe making purchases in September is a bad Omen.

I bought my DELL in September and my CHAIR also that same week at the end of September....

Now, back in December, my chair was 2.5 months old when suddenly for no reason, the left side of the seat caved in and the recliner became a sentient being and decided to recline me whenever IT felt like it and not when I felt like it. So I called Furniture Liquidators where I bought it, it's under warranty and they said they would be out January 18th to FIX IT....

They came, looked at it, Furniture Man said "I have to order a new seat and parts, blah blah blah... I'll call you when I get the parts...."

2 weeks ago they called me and said "Chair is discontinued, we can't fix it, please come back to the showroom and pick out a different chair for exchange...."

OKAY. Understandable, I can deal with that....

Well we had terrible weather (See: Snowmaggedon) and the showroom is 20 miles away, So I finally got there this past Saturday.... Picked out a new chair, endured painfully cheerful Nancy Saleswoman. Then for almost an hour did the swap paperwork...

Today the Delivery guys show up with new chair... One Problem. They brought the WRONG F*CKING CHAIR.
I do not care that the part number on my slip and your slip matches. That is NOT the chair I picked out and how am I supposed to know your stock part numbers? My ticket says "Recliner in Putty" pretty vague description, that describes almost all the samples on your showroom floor....

Yes you brought a recliner in the right color but so NOT the same chair. You brought me a tiny Grandma recliner not the nice hefty one I picked out with all the butt, back and arm padding.

Really do I have SCREW ME HARD tattooed on my forehead? 

Lady Luck has a vendetta against me I suppose. The bitch.

*le sigh*


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Feb. 18th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
If you are lucky, this is the longest damned minute of hell ever known to man. ^_~

You built up too many good karma points or something, damn! I hope the chair is easier to straighten out than the dell nightmare. (And I now point to your hell as yet another reason people should never buy a dell.)

Feb. 18th, 2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
FWIW, I don't think it's just your luck! I expect it is the general apathy and incompetence of just about everybody who has to do a job. It's sad.
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