D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Dell Corporate sounds a lot like Dell INDIA to me

I am so not STUPID. You may say your name is JESSIE and you are calling from Corporate.

You sounded a lot like Divya from INDIA to me and I could hear all the INDIAN people talking behind you because I know that call center in Bombay has paper thin cubicle walls. I have listened to many outsourced call centers both yours and others to know when I am summarily being lied to.

They have recieved notification from BBB that I filed a complaint. JESSIE was a bitch, who only wanted to listen to herself yap. She interupped me when I clarified her information and she flat out told me that they were never going to fix my computer with new parts since it was more than 21 days old. But she would call on Monday to follow up on the latest "fix".

Let me tell you all what I told her. If this computer bluescreens just once between now and Monday, she will not be talking to me, I will give her the phone number of my attorney.

I will not be bullied by a corporate PUPPET in Bombay. Nor will Dell "policy" be worth the paper it's written on when I'm through. You have messed with the wrong woman. I will not be intimidated or strong armed into compliance.

Tags: dell, dhell

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