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Knock Knock, Who's There... Dell....

The Update of the day....
Dell Tech Guy (QualXServ) calls me at Noon-ish says "I'll be there at 2:30"

At 4:00 PM he shows up, only an hour and a half late with no call. At this point color me unsurprised.
He shows up with three Parts... not 39 as indicated by Ashley on Sunday.
He comes armed with HDD, Memory Card and REFURBISHED MOTHERBOARD.

He left with the refurbished motherboard, I refused it, I was quite clear with dell I was not going to accept anything even remotely previously used and broken. Now, the HDD and Memory Card were also more than likely refurbished, but had no way to tell since tech guy didn't know either. The motherboard was clearly marked REFURBISHED.

I didn't notice however until after he left (He was here all of 10 minutes) that he left with my OLD HDD.... Um... excuse me. MY DATA ON THAT! Had I known you were going to be taking the old with you I would have WIPED IT. I really hate knowing my personal data is now in the hands of GOODNESS KNOWS WHO.

Let's just say if my credit report starts going crazy, I know whom to blame... DELL.

I hope you like my GAY Pr0n! Yes, I drew and wrote that and I hope your eyeballs pop out and your brain melts for taking my crap away with you.

So I have spent yet another 24 hours reinstalling everything, If I ever have to do this again (this is like the 4th time now in as many months) it will be too soon. *faints*

So far however, no bluescreen in the last 24 hours, so my fingers are crossed that all this time it was simply the memory (RAM) card/stick.

I'm not however counting chickens before they are hatched, it was about 32 hours before the first bluescreen the last time I had a "fix". I've learned not to get too excited with Dell. I am however hoping this time it's fixed.

Now, the big test this weekend I am so gonna TRY to get a picture done for caerfree and Nao. If nothing else, I am hoping no bluescreens while I draw for the first time in months I want to give this to her for her wedding damn it dell!



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Feb. 17th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
F*ckers. Wow. They really really have screwed the pooch. Good thing you don't take their secondhand crap after buying it new. Like I said. They messed with the wrong woman. You don't take sh*t without giving it back, that is for sure. I'm praying for no bluescreens for you.
Feb. 19th, 2010 02:33 pm (UTC)
I'm enjoying imagining the dell tech when he finds the porn stash.
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