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The Dell Saga Continues...

As we left our intrepid heroine, she has just learned she has an evil dopleganger who apparently does NOT WANT our heroine to have a working computer so the doppelganger apparently called DELL and canceled the work order and stopped shipment of replacement parts...
So our heroine, once she learns of this newest clusterfuck opens up her arsenal of e-mail whup-ass and initiated a scathing e-mail directed toward the tech pretenders in India and then proceeds to Carbon Copy (CC) every single executive e-mail she could lay her fingers on and hits send.... this was last Friday....

We return to the scene of the crime SUNDAY morning 2/14/10 when ASHLEY from Dell calls. OMG! AN ENGLISH AS A FIRST LANGUAGE DELL EMPLOYEE!!!! SHe cheerfully says: "Hi, I'm Ashley, I'm calling to confirm you received the parts we sent out to you on 1/25/10"

Oh, have pity for miss Ashley, because did I make it perfectly clear to the stunned ex-cheerleader that no, I did not receive DICK and according to the local tech guy I sleepwalked called INDIA on 2/10/10 at 1:11 PM and canceled the service order because unbeknownst to me, my computer must have been touched by the magic sky daddy and was cured and raised from the dead like Lazarus! and I informed Miss Ashley from stateside that I sent out a corporate e-mail bomb detailing my ass-raping by Dell and all it's slave labor in BOMBAY not 48 hours before her SUNDAY MORNING phone call. Curious indeed. Workers on a Sunday and Valentine's Day no less. Aw Dell loves me.... *vomit*

She reinstates the work ticket and re-sends the parts according to her.

Enter Monday morning... we're back to INDIA and Ms. DIVYA calls me and says she too is sending out tech guy and "Please to not be e-mailing corporate, we are to be helping you yes, yes?" Yeah, did I scare you guys a little perhaps?

Enter about 2 hours ago when the LOCAL TECH GUY calls me again. "I see you got something done over the weekend, I got your work ticket again. Who did you kill to get this done so fast? I'll call you when I get the parts and schedule a time to fix your computer...."

What did I do?
Let's see. Corporate e-mail Carpet Bomb *CHECK*
Threaten with my real lawyer's name and location *CHECK*
Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau *CHECK*

Now, we'll see if the parts are BRAND NEW and *NOT* refurbished. (Don't you love that smoke screen word? Refurbished A.K.A Previously USED and BROKEN)

I am not holding my breath at this point, it's been such a clusterfuck of crap that I just know something ELSE will also go wrong at this point. I had better get brand new replacements, and have this done by FRIDAY, my initial deadline detailed in my last e-mail to tech and the corporate carpet bomb, or I am just taking it to an attorney.
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