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The DELL nightmare reaches new LOW....

Well, here I thought this issue was going to be fixed... WRONG

Here's the latest e-mail I just had to send to DELL TECH INDIA

interaction today is XXXXXXXXXXXX


I was told:

"We are going to ship you ALL BRAND NEW PARTS for the inside of your laptop and have a technician call you locally." (I believe it was Mandeep I spoke to. I've lost track now I've spoken to so many of you.)

I have not received parts yet nor has the technician. He (Your local Technician) did however CALL ME his number is 502-415-9719 if you'd like to speak to him and verify our conversation, because he told me some very interesting things.


1.) He said you tried to call me on WEDNESDAY. You did not, I had my phone on me ALL DAY waiting for a call from someone else so I would have answered immediately. It rang only once all day, when that person called me and I was on the phone less than 2 minutes and I have call waiting, I would have known if you had tried to call in that tiny window of time.

2.) Your contracted technician also informed me, That I APPARENTLY CALLED YOU AND CANCELED THIS WORK ORDER on 02/10/10 at 1:11 PM. AND THE PARTS HAVE NEVER BEEN SENT...

I have NEVER CALLED YOU, I ALWAYS E-MAIL. Because the first time I tried to call you (months ago), I was on HOLD FOR OVER 5 HOURS AND NO ONE EVER ANSWERED THE PHONE. My time is more precious than that. I e-mail now, I would not have, nor have I ever initiated a phone call. Two more lies in two days. A new record for Dell.


Are you guys trying to make it so I take this to a lawyer? Really you're doing a great job if your intent is to totally infuriate me with incompetence, lies, and the worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. Go back in this long detailed history on this issue, you'll see this was not the first time someone said they called me and it never happened. Print out all the e-mails, I put them in a word document and at this point we're up to 127 pages of text going back and forth.... ridiculous!

I am not bluffing at this point, if I do not get somebody to get me a computer that WORKS, that I paid thousands of dollars for and is and has been since I opened the box little more than a glorified paperweight, I will take this to my business attorney Mr. Buzz Victor, Louisville Kentucky and register complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the States Attorney.

This is not a difficult issue, FIX IT, REPLACE IT, (BOTH WITH BRAND NEW PARTS OR UNITS NOT REFURBISHED) or REFUND IT COMPLETELY. Replacing a brand new broken unit with USED and PREVIOUSLY broken is not how you do business. I should know, I am a business owner myself and my company has been around for 116 YEARS. We are 4th generation family owners and we've been in business well over a century because we know how to treat our customers!

I paid for brand new Laptop, I got a broken one that bluescreened five minutes after I turned it on the first time and continues to BSOD several times a day, everyday without fail, no matter what you have attempted (Or rather had me attempt since you just give instructions, hang up and let the customer do all the work), You will replace with BRAND NEW since that is what I PAID FOR and have never received. I don't care what "policy" dell has. I paid for a brand new computer. I got something I have not been able to use with any reliability since day #1, on what planet would replacing it with used and previously broken be even remotely acceptable? If I purchased an item at a store, got it home to find it was broken, you take it back to the store and get a NEW ONE in replacement and the store sends back the broken one to the manufacturer for a refund. It's quite simple, I can't figure out why Dell finds this a difficult concept to grasp.

You Have Three Options:
3.) REFUND TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE WITH MY DELL FINANCIAL ACCOUNT, send me a box with a return shipping paid sticker and I'll be more than happy to send you back this worthless unit.

Your choice, if I do not hear anything by The end of Business on FRIDAY next week (2/19/10) That gives you ONE WEEK to fix this and NOT MESS IT UP.

If by the end of next week nothing is done, expect to hear from a lawyer. I've had it, I have been patient, I have worked with you, done absolutely EVERYTHING you've asked me to, endured outright LIES about phone calls that never happened and never took place and you've exhausted my good nature at this point, I feel VIOLATED by DELL. You've taken my money in September, I haven't had a working computer since.

It has been 5 MONTHS, 5 MONTHS. Come on, give me a break!

CALL ME ANY DAY OF THE WEEK at 502-819-3918 I don't care if it's the middle of the night, we have to get this issue resolved NOW. I am tired of waiting, I am tired of being patient, I am simply tired of being treated like this issue is my fault. you sent me a broken computer. This issue is DELL's problem, not mine. You were eager enough to take my money, not so eager I see to stand behind your product, make me jump through a dozen or more hoops until the initial 21 days grace period have more than expired, I have done everything you asked me to do, I've invested months and hours upon hours of my time in doing tests, and reinstalling the OS, documenting stop code data and error code data for your techs, only to still have a computer that does not work and no one doing anything to remedy the situation. And when, at last I thought something was finally going to be done, no one bothered to inform me that you just decided to cancel the work order. No, I had to find this out by calling the local tech myself! Thankfully he was quite forthcoming with letting me know how you decided to screw me over without so much as a "thank you have a nice day" notification.


Dana Armstrong
Extremely Dissatisfied Customer

I sincerely apologize for having to CC this issue to these e-mails below, but I thought you should know how your obviously outsourced customer service department is handling your customers and I hope by alerting you, something will be done in the future so others do not have to endure the nightmare I have endured.

CC: mike@dell.com, michael_dell@dell.com, ronald_garriques@dell.com, michael_cannon@dell.com, mark_jarvis@dell.com, lawrence_tu@dell.com, susan_sheskey@dell.com, andrew_esparza@dell.com, paul_bell@dell.com, stephen_felice@dell.com, jeffrey_clarke@dell.com, martin_garvin@dell.com, alex_gruzen@dell.com, joan_hooper@dell.com, alan_g_lafley@dell.com, william_gray@dell.com, judy_lewent@dell.com,

(BTW ALMOST ALL THE EMAILS ABOVE PING BACK, they don't want people off the street e-mailing the executives. Nice company.)



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Feb. 12th, 2010 05:40 pm (UTC)
It's pure and utter CRAP what Dell keeps on pulling with their customers. They are more than willing to take customers money, but when it comes to actually supplying a machine that works and making sure that said customer who spent said money on said machine is happy and has a working machine, you would think you were asking them to explain to you the mathematical equation of the space time continuum in detail!

It's why we pulled all of the Dell's from the school and the parish a few years ago. The customer service SUCKS on so many goddamn levels. I honestly HATE it when companies outsource! I can never get an honest or straight answer out of someone when they're outsourced!

Feb. 12th, 2010 06:48 pm (UTC)
This is a bit late, but in the future... when you need to contact tech support about something like this... Always take notes. Who did you speak to, what did they try to get you to do, what was the end of the call, etc.

It adds a lot more support to your case, if it ever gets to this stage and it's easier to look back over what's been going on. I recently had to use this tactic when my TV broke. It seemed like I was repeatedly getting shuffled to the bottom of the pile... my husband took my notes and turned them into 'polite business-ese' and went to the retailer and said "See this? If you don't fix it, we will never buy another appliance from you." ...they fixed it. :)

Also, if you havn't found this website already:

Look around, they might have more emails for you to cc to.
Feb. 15th, 2010 06:51 pm (UTC)
I also have a Dell and I've never EVER had a easy time with it. Mine over heats, shuts off at random times, can't charge, etc. And to be able to talk to Dell or get new parts for a REASONABLE price you have to have a warranty with them. It's ridiculous. Especially because Dell knows about the problems their computers have and they STILL continue to sell shit to consumers. I've promised myself I will never EVER buy another Dell. I will also do everything in my power to stop others from buying them too. I have not met a single person yet with a Dell that isn't having problems its just sad and ignorant.
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