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Computer Techs in the House? Need Help with DHELL

In addendum to my RANT POST....

Here's the issue in a timeline with technical details... Any opinions are welcome....


I just found this website and am also posting to my journals hoping and praying someone out here is a technician with:

1.) A Brain
2.) Can type in English
3.) Is anyone other than the Idiots I have been dealing with for the past 2 MONTHS....

Here's the condensed Version of the Problem.
System: Inspiron 1750
OS: (Came with Vista Home Premium installed, Was upgraded to Windows 7 and also reformatted 5 days ago with Windows 7 from scratch)
Intel Core Duo p8600 2.4 Ghz
64-bit operating system

Problem I've had since I took this out of the box?
BSOD every 5 freaking minutes. Stop Code 0x0000000000003B

The Longer version and the Hell that is my Dhell:

Back in Mid September, Not five minutes after I booted this POS up and went through the initial set-up it bluescreened on me. Now at this time I didn't know you could turn off the AUTO_Reboot so I never saw the BSOD long enough to get a stop code, nor did I know what one even WAS.... (Also please note, there was NOTHING in my box except the computer. No back-up/re-install disks, no paperwork, NOTHING. Just the laptop and foam.)

I figured it was perhaps a fluke, but over the next three weeks it got progressively more frequent, but the Windows 7 upgrade disk arrived and I thought this perhaps would cure the problem.

Oh how WRONG I WAS... The problem got even worse so after spending FIVE HOURS, yes FIVE FREAKING HOURS on hold with no one answering, I dug through dell's website and found an e-mail address....

That was the latter part of November, no later than December 1st...

Countless E-mails (Which are even typed in broken/Limited English) and a dozen phone calls which I can barely understand and I grew up with Macedonians I'm used to thick accents. But add to it India's lack of decent telephone technology and whatever off brand of headset they are using (I used Plantronics for years, I know that frequency blip anywhere. There constant radio frequency interference and cutting in and out makes for very difficult vocal interactions to say the least.

I've had to beg, fight, cajole to get frankly NO HELP.

Timeline of Events and Steps taken thusfar:

1.) Had tech guy auto access my laptop, I watched him frankly do nothing for 10 minutes. All he did was ask me for a stop code and I went WTF is that? He said the code that comes up on bluescreen, I told him that it does not stay up long enough to read anything. Here would have been a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for this tech guy to go and TURN OFF the auto-reboot in System tools... Right? WRONG. *I* figured out how to turn that off by Googling tech forums for several hours. I digress, he did pretty much nothing, said to e-mail back when I had a stop code.

2.) Got the stop code, e-mailed Waited 2 weeks for an answer (I sent several e-mails in this time frame asking for a response)

3.) FINALLY had a response, they had me run a complete diagnostic then  hung up about 1 minute after we started the process, was told to watch the screen and WRITE DOWN MANUALLY and errors that came up. It was about 3 PM. The tech failed to tell me, I'd be sitting there for 14 HOURS. Yes, the test took 14 HOURS I was up all night, no error codes. waste of time.

4.) I e-mailed results.... waited and waited and waited. 6 days later got response. I was told we would have to reformat the drive. *WAIT JUST A MINUTE* you are not wiping all my data on a whim. Are you positive this will cure the problem? I asked, "YES?" Then I told him I

A.) Need the software to reinstall, I have NOTHING. I paid for extra software when I ordered this machine, I want that to reinstall. They only ended up sending Dell Drivers, not my additional purchased software

B.) You will LOAN ME an external HDD to back up my data, I cannot afford to buy one right now.  This was a long argument I semi-won. They ended up sending a refurbished INTERNAL HDD. I forked out 20 bucks on a case to turn it into an external drive.

5.) I e-mailed them saying they conveniently "forgot" to send me the software I purchased and then spent 18 tries trying to get a good back-up because I would bluescreen at about 57% every single attempt.

6.) They called, told me that the software I bought was proprietary blah blah blah and that they sent it with my laptop... UM... NO you didn't. You will freaking SEND ME WHAT I PAID FOR. Then the tech said, I see you installed new HDD in your computer did it fix problem? Me: NO you idiot, if you bothered to read the NOVEL of notes I've no doubt you've accumulated at this point, you would have seen the INTERNAL HDD you sent was not sent as a replacement part, it was sent so I could BACK UP MY DATA EXTERNALLY. I'm not an idiot, I am not voiding my warranty by cracking open this laptop case. SCROLL DOWN AND READ YOUR OWN TECH NOTES>....

3 weeks later I got my software.

7.) I e-mailed them I had all we needed to now reformat this computer. They e-mailed back and said "We will call you TUESDAY 2/2/10"

They called me SATURDAY 1/31/10 at 7:45 PM EST - I was not expecting the call so had turned my phone off like good people do sitting in movie theaters on a weekend!!!

They didn't even leave a message, I just had a 1 missed call notification.

8.) I e-mailed HELL back, if you say you are going to call on a certain date, don't arbitrarily change it! I was livid. I was e-mailed back with an apology and an assurance they would call as planned on TUESDAY.

9.) Guess what? I sat here Tuesday for 12 HOURS, my phone rang ONCE from my hubby asking if we needed Milk. No Dhell.

10.) I have now entered fire and brimstone mode, I am a business owner, I have been in working and running Customer Service departments for the last 2 DECADES. This is NOT how you treat your customers, ever! I told them they would call me at 11:00 AM CST on that WEDNESDAY not 11:10, not 1:00 but 11:00

They called me at 12:30, nice to know they give a sh***T right?

11.) We reformatted and reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch.

12.) I spend the rest of the day getting my data back on my drive, reinstalling Firefox, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Poser 8 and Manga Studio EX Pro and my printer driver. That's it... nothing else. Not pirate ware either, these are legit programs I purchased, I do graphic design and artwork and have never had issue with this programs on any other system I've owned. So I know it's not proven software issues.

13.) It is now THURSDAY MORNING... 2/4/10 But wait there's more. I get all of that done. restart, and put my computer to sleep for a couple of hours and catch a much need nap. I awaken my computer, check e-mail and close my browser... It's just sitting there at the desktop, no drain on the CPU the gadget meter is showing just idle... doo dee doooo. I go to make lunch, the screensaver come on bubbles doo dee doooo. Then I walk by and thankfully was LOOKING at the computer when it happened... the quick blue flash of BSOD WHAM!!! then gone - auto reboot ahoy.

Please insert the gratuitous amounts of swearing the air blue that occurred at this point. All of this, for NOTHING.NOTHING!!!! And no I did not get a stop code, but I have turned off the auto re-boot (AGAIN) so when it happens again I'll get the stop code.

14.) I e-mailed bloody murder and just short of death threats at this point.

15.) They called me today, nice to see it took 4 days to respond to a hot issue. They offered me a refurbished replacement. On what PLANET does USED AND PREVIOUSLY BROKEN replace BRAND NEW ARRIVED BROKEN? I told them they would send me BRAND NEW or I'm not playing ball. They agreed to send me new "guts" everything from Mother Board to CPU I sincerely HOPE these are new parts they are sending, They made me believe they were going to be new and that once I got the stuff to e-mail and they'd send out a tech.

While I'm waiting, any REAL TECHS out there with an opinion on this? Suggestion? I'm frankly exhausted with this, the next step would be to take this to my business attorney and sue for restitution.
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