D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

It's confirmed, I'm allergic to EVERYTHING!

Just went to an allergist and had the irritating scratch tests and about a dozen shots in my arm and it's been confirmed what I've known all my life.

I am allergic to pretty much everything.
The List:

Histamine x2
Mite DF
Bermuda Grass
Timothy Grass
Johnson Grass
KY Bluegrass (and I live in KY!!!! It's everywhere!)
Red Top Grass
Elm Trees
Birch Trees
Ash Trees
Housedust Mix
CATS (I have three and no fucking way I'm getting rid of them, EVER, that's what drugs are for!)
HORSE (Again hello, I live in KY, Horses are like a staple here.)
HAMSTERS (WTF? Yes they tested for this and thank goodness I don't like rodents)
Every Mold they tested for I was positive reaction to it.

No foods or Medication thankfully. But Environmental crap I cannot escape, yup, I am allergic to it.
I've got an order to go in for blood work tomorrow because my reactions to the basic tests were off the charts, Dr. Corbett wants more intensive testing before I start getting shots twice a week for um FOREVER.

I have to give myself three shots a day for diabetes, pardon me while I not rejoice for being a human pincushion. *sigh*
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