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On Chantix

Now on Day 2 of Chantix...

No really crazy episodes like I've heard horror stories of... (No severe depression/suicidal tendencies etc...)
It does however make me really sleepy and makes me remember very vividly every dream I have...

I never knew I was so fucking crazy! LOL

Since when have I EVER been a Cheerleader for Bowling? (or ya know even LIKED Cheerleaders!)

Why is an all black male show choir singing in voices from my high school show choir? Really the really big black guy singing with Dawn Hardt's voice was really too frigging much. That woke me up going WTF?

Then there was like this blond little girl, riding around on a huge a bull mastif chasing my kitties into a fountain, like 20 kitties, I only own three and only Krishna made an appearance in the dream, the rest were kittens I have never seen. I think I spend too much time on Lolcats.

Again WTF?

No nightmares, but strange as HELL MAN and we're talking VIVID Dreams that I remember quite clearly upon waking.


(Deleted comment)
Jan. 18th, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
I hope so too and I have the whole family watching me, if I show a change in behavior I'm off the pills.

I seem to have an inordinate amount of show choir dreams... seriously.

They are all taking place in like my old choir room but I am my own age with students the ages they should be in High school. The last one, I was MALE, one of the students had my credit card information and William Shuester from GLEE was the teacher. I went out to call my bank to report a stolen card and in the lobby was a grand piano with a cute latina girl singing adeste fideles....

I added the alto harmony (in my voice not a male voice) while on hold.

I am so very much fucked in the head. I think I miss my High school days a bit no?

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