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Round one Good

Man, this will be a long drawn out process, but I did very well.

Whenever the Interviewer says "Boy this interview was fast, I didn't have to explain anything..." while smiling

That's a good sign.

When he says he is making the preliminary cuts for the "Good" applicants for corporate to conduct phone interviews and then proceeds to tell me what it involves, I'm pretty certain I'm onto round two.

Again, I'm not worried, I've done this stuff before, I could do it in my sleep. The Manager who interviewed me is familiar with one of the companies I used to work for about 10 years ago and knows the SHIT you have to know to do customer service there. He also knew some of the people I used to work with (bonus, small world).

Then after the phone interviews is the drug screening.

I love how they look at you to gauge a reaction. Dude, I have never done illegal drugs in my life, and I'll bring with me all my prescription bottles. I never ever balk at drug tests. Bring it on, I LIKE working in drug free environments thank you, I am so not gonna complain about peeing in a cup!!!

He told me the interview process usually takes about a month, because corp. drags their feet (Would he be telling me these details if I didn't have a good shot? Nope.)

I'm rather confident, so now I'm off to scrounge something to eat before I'm off to meet now a TON of Visalia anime freaks.

I had no idea so many people read my journal. Better watch what I say right?


Take me as I am or don't.


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