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Out of the Woods and Home Again

It was almost to the minute one week in the hospital, but thankfully I am no longer there and came home late last night.... It takes a while to discharge a patient when three specialists have to coordinate the release.

Resident PCP, Endocrinologist and Pulmonary Specialist and then of course the home health care company for my oxygen tanks as well.

I gained 20 pounds in 6 days.... O_O

That is thankfully WATER gain and will eventually be peed out but yeah, I look like a swollen river rat from all the mega dose steroids they had me on (Solu-medrol) on Prednisone orally for the next week still.

What I Know: I was really frigging sick, to the point where they were debating incubating me on a ventilator when I was admitted into ICU. I begged, pleaded and frankly sobbed not to be incubated. I have been through that before and going through that sort of induced coma, forced life support and all the subsequent recovery was NOT something I'd wish on my worst enemy let alone go through it all over again.

Thankfully and obviously it did NOT come to incubation. Was in ICU/CCU however on 100% oxygen, anti-virals, anti-biotics and enough corto-steroids to rebuild a Buick from scratch for several days. I am still on 40% oxygen at home now, but I am *HOME*. My Oximeter saturation (SO2)frankly sucks rocks and I'll probably be on Oxygen now on a permanent basis for the rest of my life. On Oxygen my Saturation stays around 91, the second I take off the cannula I drop almost instantly to 75 which is *NOT* good in the slightest. I was close to 60 upon admission to ICU which was why they seriously wanted me on machines.

But I am a stubborn cow and I will not go down without a god damn fight... My actual diagnosis however is tricky... just like the last time I got this ill it's one of those scenarios you just cannot "plan" for or avoid.

I have severe pulmonary issues and I am allergic to just about everything and even the best laid precautions and preventative measures taken can get tossed aside when other variables enter the equation.

This time I caught a whopper of a cold. Here' the time line as I lived it:

Monday 10/26/09 - I thought it was allergies, I was sneezing my head off, went through an ENTIRE box of kleenex in the morning hours so I took extra allergy meds, but by the late afternoon and my head was getting worse I realized it was a cold so I took Airborne and other preventatives to ward off impending doom.

Tuesday 10/27/09 - Realized this cold was gonna be nasty, my head felt like the gumworks factory from hell, took cold meds, called and canceled my Big Brothers, Big Sisters interview (They still showed up and sadly I had to turn her away at the door, I was sick and just knew if this lady came into my home, she was gonna catch my ICK)... I tried to take it easy, get lots of rest, medicine, vitamins, fluids etc...

Wednesday 10/28/09 -- Again now the cold is on the move southward... From head cold to major chest cold overnight. I prayed all day I could tough it out, I was leaving for Yaoi-con Thursday morning, I had to be up by 4 am to catch my flight...

Thursday 10/29/09 4 AM -- Zero Hour...

I almost did a very stupid thing, but thankfully I am not a stupid woman and my common sense will override my desires no matter how much it hurts. There was no way I could get on a plane, no matter how much I wanted to see my friends, I know my body, I've lived with pulmonary problems all my life and my body was shutting down... again, the cold was getting much, much worse by the minute. I knew if I did not take my ass to the hospital, by the time my plane reached San Francisco I'd have bee dead on it or worse, been admitted to the hospital on arrival far from home. I live 1.2 miles from my local hospital, I took myself over to ER by about 5 am... I did make frantic e-mail's to friends heading to the convention letting them know my sudden change of plans and that not to bother coming to pick me up at the airport I was NOT gonna be on the plane. I had to make sure the HOTEL knew to let people in my room, the room was reserved in my name on my credit etc... lots of loose ends that needed tying BEFORE I got to the hospital.

5 AM - ish -- Get to ER, I am immediately admitted and within an hour told that my ass is heading back into ICU stat... Yeah, I knew it, I know my body and that didn't shock me. Scared me shitless from fear of incubation but I wasn't surprised.

MORNING - A blur of admission, getting the final loose ends with the hotel tied up, and thank GOD for My mate MAKO who seamlessly jumped in to help me coordinate the upheaval from California. Instead of picking me up from the airport, she went right into action, got to the hotel and pretty much became my liaison there in the field to make sure the rest of our mates got checked in okay and the room wasn't lost. Thankfully all it took was my voice on the phone to authorize the hotel to charge my credit cards in these bizarre circumstances. (Whew)

The Rest of 10/29/09 is a Blur... It was a long ass day.

Friday - Tuesday 10/30/09 - 11/02/09 I was in ICU several days and after many tests and a surreal halloween... really... no one should ever, EVER, EVER have to see their doctor come into their room dressed like a pimp daddy.... seriously. O_O

It was just was too much, Dr. Rolly is a sick little resident biatch and I loved him, we totally gossiped like little bitches when he came into visit but really the pimp daddy outfit was just horrific and the leopard wide brim fedora and bling glasses was just... yeah... too much even for this Yaoi fan to handle when sick, he screamed BIG GAY AL LIKE OMG NO WAI LIEK I AM A DOCTOR BIATCH! I think it's actually hysterical of all the residents I get assigned as my PCP I get the gay guy who knows what Y!Gallery is and knows I'm looking at pr0n from my hospital bed and he wants a god damn peek! LOL.

Pimp outfit aside however, Rolly rocks my socks, he'll make a great PCP practice once he's out of his residency. It's always hard though to deal with a doctor YOUNGER than you are. LOL. O_o

I digress....

So, after many a test, poke and prod we find my "COLD" was quite a sinister little thing trying it's damndest to turn into full blown pneumonia. They found a few spots of it turning dark infection on my lungs so we assaulted with the anti-biotics and anti-virals and Tami-flu... all the big guns. High oxygen environment, etc...

Monday they moved me OUT of ICu/CCU into a regular room. WHEW. Out of the woods, now just being monitored while my body finishes recovering.

For the most part, there are some serious complications from this that will never recover properly.

1.) My pulmonary system is weakened and I have internal scar tissue and I will probably be on some form of OC2 from now on.
2.) My Diabetes went APE SHIT. The Steroids they use come at a high, high cost. My body is "reset" and all the progress I made with my Diabetes is now FLUSHED down the proverbial toilet. I have to start all over again. Which means I am back on some heavy duty insulin shots three times a day. We'll see if I can ever get off Insulin again like before. Probably not, not this time around. The Endocrinologist doesn't seem hopeful, the older you get the harder it is anyway and those sorts of massive corto-steroids are not a walk in the park. I'm on 75 units of 70/30 novolog insulin three times a day and my numbers are still high, 175 last test. This will be a long work in progress to get my numbers normal again.

I have a laundry list of pills I'm on and most I will remain on from here on out. Save the Prednisone which will be finished by the end of the next week.

So yeah, that's what happened, it was very serious and very scary and it only hit my husband yesterday after I got home that I could have died. He wasn't with me the first time I faced something this serious and he was sadly unprepared. He knew about it, but knowing about my conditions and going through them with me are two different things entirely.

My poor hubby looks worse than I do from stress. But I made it, I don't give up damn it.
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