D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Great Visit with Winde!

heartshope was here for a few days and it was great just vegging and bullshitting on a rainy day... She just called and got home safely... and now I can't wait to see her again in 2 weeks... she is so my little sister! I had to make sure to check my house for Jack after she left, she did threaten to steal my baby boy in her luggage! LOL and it's rare, Jack is a scaredy cat and generally hides for the duration of the visit when we have company... nope. Not with Winde! He totally made love to her toes while she was here. :)

While she was here she took a crap load of pictures of the kitties...
Krishna bust out TEH LAZORS

Click pic for her flickr account folder....


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