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On a brighter Note....

"Kirith Kirin" is starting out MUCH BETTER

A bit confusing, with new religions, odd ball names like Welsh and Gaelic on CRACK, but thus far chapter one is intriguing. It's hard to review ANYTHING yet, because it’s just setting up our Hero "Jessex" it's told in his POV and he is telling you of his "Unremarkable" birth and childhood.

No bells, whistles, great cosmic sooth saying fortunes, just a normal farm life with loving siblings, good parents, and odd grandmother.

Until his maternal Uncle shows up after like 20 years after disappearing, asking for a child he has NEVER MET by name.. the adventure begins. (Jessex at this point of the story is only fourteen).

I like it.

It’s wordy, it's deep, it's confusing... thank God it has about 6 appendixes and a dictionary/character index in back.

I'm sure I'll need it.

WHOO! I like a good story and a challenging read. This looks VERY PROMISING.

I researched several Gay and alternative book recommendation sites before I placed my Border's order, I found very little detailed recs on this book, but what short ones I did find looked good.

I'm, so far, glad I bought this one, looking forward to meeting our OTHER hero, whom I can only make an educated Guess is Kirith Kirin, the Red King.

Immortal, exiled, and the one who sent for Jessex.

But I'm jumping ahead of myself and second guessing on the back cover and first chapter readings. I will keep everyone abreast and try not to post spoilers, just my reactions and generalizations.

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