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Smith Micro SUCKS as a company!

In case you're wondering who the hell they are, they are the assholes who bought out eFrontier, makers of Manga Studio (And many other art software programs I own).

I purchased a brand new, factory sealed copy of Manga Studio EX4 from e-bay from one of the big powersellers with 100% positive feedback.

When I got the software it was indeed factory sealed and brand new... I take it out of the box, proceed to put the disk in my brand spanking new laptop to load the software, I had to upgrade from Manga Studio EX Pro 3.0 because the new Lappy is VISTA and not XP...


It does not auto run when inserted...

When I view the disk using windows explorer no files show on disk

I even tried doing a manual run F:/autorun.exe just on the off chance.

Nothing happens. The disk is completely BLANK.

I called smith micro and the customer service rep was really friendly and said without hesitation to e-mail her a copy of my receipt of purchase (My e-bay confirmation) and that they'd replace the disk...

This morning I wake up to an e-mail saying. Oops sorry since the person I bought it from isn't one of their authorized dealers too bad so sad... even though it is a FACTORY DEFECT!

So I e-mailed them back this:

Should it matter where I bought the item since it was factory sealed? I don't think so.

It's not the reseller or the re-re-seller's fault. It was bought from Smith Micro at somewhere down the chain of events and by the time it reached me, the end user, and was opened and tried to install the disk where it was discovered to be totally blank/without any data.

I will attempt to get another copy from where I purchased it, but I think this lack of standing behind your product is very telling and very disappointing. I use several of your company's products and never had issue when they were under the eFrontier label. Been using products like Poser (under creative labs) for many years. I was very happy last night when it seemed the issue was resolved and then to suddenly have a complete reversal of what I was told on the phone is frankly unacceptable. It's a factory defect. I understand those things happen time to time but to not stand behind your product just because it's not bought at a store is a cop out. If I cannot get resolution from the re-seller what am I to do? It's not my fault YOU packaged a blank disk. Nor is it the reseller's problem, let's hope they are more reputable in fixing the issue. As a business owner myself I know if one of our products has an issue, we fix it, irregardless of how the user obtained it.

Let's hope the powerseller sends me another copy or I am screwed.

I just got a response from the seller I bought if from told me to download the demo version and plug in the serial numbers and I had to tell him it does not work that way. The demo version of MSEX and the Full version are not compatible with each other, you have to uninstall the DEMO to install the Full version. They do that so people don't pull serial numbers off shelves at office depot and then activate their demos. *cries* It looks like both Seller and Smith Micro are gonna screw me in unison or take turns with a gang bang fuck you with knobs on.

Let's hope if I can't get resolution from either company by Monday I can appeal to e-bay for a refund since thankfully I paid via paypal. :(

I don't want my money back, I want the damn program.

I just got off the phone with Smith Micro again and their excuse? We don't know if it's a legitimate copy. WTF? Then let me send it to you so you can verify and replace... No. Not an option they are simply refusing to replace it and the seller has not got back to me yet today. I'm about ready to cry over this. Basically Smith Micro claims it's a bootleg sight unseen. The seller is now not responding so I've initiated a dispute on paypal.

Keep your fingers crossed I get a refund. :(

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