D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Bishie Con.... Gonna Check it out

Hey any of you going to this:

I'm gonna go this year, it's sort of like mini y-con Midwest (In St. Louis) It's 277 miles, about 4 hour drive, I can do that.
I'm going to do an art panel An Anatomy 101 sort of beginner basics and the most common mistakes made in male anatomy
(Let's face it the ones we see daily on y-gallery) I call them the seven deadly Yaoi-art sins:

7 Yaoi Art Sins...

1.) Package Space (Ya know where legs make a perfect triangle to the groin, no room for stuff in pants my #1 pet peeve!)
2.) Itty Bitty Hand Committee (Self-explanatory)
3.) Brainless (No room for a brain in that flat top head!)
4.) Foot Free (Lets not draw feet and cut them off entirely!)
5.) Child-Bearing Hips? (Ugh, Guys do not have hourglass figures without implants!!!!)
6.) Belly Button Penii Attachments (We all laugh at this one do we not? Just stick that Penis anywhere like Pin the Penis on the GayGuy!)
7.) Anus Target Practice (It does not belong there kiddies! LOLLER SKATES)

SO yeah, any of you going and if so let me know I won't be alone!!!!! *wibble*

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