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Book Recommendation

I started reading Leven Thumps series by Obert Skye...

OMG it's fucking brilliant. Whomever compared this to Harry Potter is on Crack. Other than the lead character is an Orphan boy who lived with crappy relatives in the beginning that's about as close to Harry and LEVEN gets.

The humor however in Obert Skye's books totally blows away JK ROwling. This guy has me howling with laughter with his, shall we say, decriptive metaphors. I want whatever Obert Skye is smoking.

Let's see we have
FOO - The land of our Dreams basically
Reality - Our World
Leven, really likeable 14 year old that really is thrust into things no kid should be and he grows well in the books. (I'm only up to book #2)
Clover Earnest - Leven's Synchophant.... well Clover is just a hoot, Realy too hard to describe, just yeah, AWESOME SIDEKICK!
Geth - The King of Foo, or Heir to the throne really, if he hadn't been captured into a seed by the evil Sabine, then smuggled into our world (REALITY), then planted and grown as a tree, subsequently chopped down, tossed into a woodchipper and then made into a toothpick! LOL! Yes, a toothpick! HEY YOU! I'll poke your eye out!
Winter - Eh... we'll see how she grows as a character she's rather bland to me so far other than she can of course freeze things like her etire 7th grade class and teacher. Yes, don't we all wish we could have done that?

The Bad guys:
Sabine - was never really developed much but a good plot mover
Ezra - The OTHER toothpick... When Geth got woodchopped, his good and bad sides got split up... Ezra rocks my socks, a toothpick with attitude complete with a fancy party purple cellophane topper. Geth was just a PLAIN toothpick that ended up in a diner... Ezra was a PARTY SANDWICH TOOTHPICK so much more STYLE! LOL

Just, yeah, go read these they crack me up!
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