D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Oh... My God... I *HURT*

It's only Day #3 of the Great Move... and I am in so much pain I cannot believe it... and I haven't even begun PACKING YET! *cries*

Between a gazillion phone calls to various and sundry handy men and contractors, a bazillion trips back and forth to Home Depot & Lowes, getting four toilets and a garbage disposal installed, carpets measured, landscaper and pool guy quotes for service and maintenance, painting, getting mail forwarded for the 15th, utilities sorted, trying to avoid my condo neighbors because well, I cannot stand them and my downstairs neighbor, the neurotic bitch from hell calls John all day over the frigging water bill, and blaming our upstairs neighbors for the massive bill hike, well DUH, they leave the water on all the time and we've told you this, *AND* asked them to stop leaving water on on numerous occasions. I cannot get out of this condo association FAST ENOUGH, They all drive me to distraction! No one gets along with each other and all DUMP their problems on John to be the middle man. Any problem, instead of going to the SOURCE, they go to JOHN. *ARRRGH* You're all fucking grown ups, act like them for goodness sakes! Then I planted a couple of plants in my topsy turvy, yes, I bought some, 'cause ya know, I'm silly like that and want tomatoes and cucumbers, and trying to help John paint and finding out that:

#1: My storm shelter, which we thought would be a quick and easy slap dash white wash took 2 days to paint! The rough concrete from floor to ceiling and all the raw wood shelves SUCKED UP 5 gallons of paint! It's only a 12x14 room! I'm gonna use that as my storage for my store, it's perfect and I still have to put contact paper down on all the shelves, waiting for the paint to dry....

Then today,

#2 Trying to primer Dad's room with heavy duty, stain cover to max, best of the bunch, multi purpose kick ass primer took THREE FUCKING COATS to cover the pervasive neon BLUE his room was painted and it is still poking through in a few places. *faints* Never ever paint your walls BLUE unless you never, ever decide to change the color. Or unless you really, really want the next people to own your home, swearing at you until the air is as blue as those fucking walls! (Looks at my DIning Room and John's office *cringe* Sorry next people hope you like John's faux painting because it's really BLUE.)

OMG, I am behind, I can't find fucking anything, My Condo is in SHAMBLES, my HOUSE is well a wreck, I can't tell which way is up and I *HURT ALL OVER* I'm talking massive back spasms from all the standing, moving, stooping, climbing stairs etc... I tried helping John paint and now my carpal tunnel is on FIRE and my right thumb is throbbing like a Mo' Fo.

I still haven't packed SHIT, I am behind, stressed, feeling guilty about nightambre 's Order because well, all my store stuff is scattered to the nine levels of hell right now (And babe, because it's late, be prepared for lots of extra goodies in your box as a thank you for being so patient with me during the CHAOS that is my life!)

I just want to cry and I can't, too much to do and not enough time to do it all. *sigh*

Anyone have a smith and wesson? Because I don't think Advil is quite gonna cut it to aleviate this pain right now. I'm exhausted and cannot sleep because when I lay down my back spasms. *whimper*


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