D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
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Vector Tracing is *NOT* Art!!!

Tonight during Rachel Maddow on MSNBC they covered a story I *KNEW* was going to hit the fan when I first saw the "art" appear on the scene back during Obama's election campaign.

The "HOPE" Poster. I saw IMMEDIATELY the first time I laid eyes on it that it was a VECTOR TRACE of the Associated Press (AP) Photo that came out early on in the campaign.

I said to myself MONTHS AGO: "That guys gonna get in serious trouble over that eventually, Tracing is Bad MMMM'Kay"

Tonight on Rachel Maddow we find out that the AP (Associated Press) is suing Mr. Shepard Fairey "artist" for infringement and he's on Rachel Maddow giving some bullshit excuse about "OMG EXpression is liek Art"

Fuck You NO, it's tracing a Photo Goober in Photoshop or Illustrator. It's not ART.

(Do a Photoshop overlay of the two pictures, they line up LINE FOR LINE ----> TRACE JOB! You are BUSTED Mr. Fairey!)

Some lovely person already did and overlay:

and I love the comment on the article that referenced that link! OMG THE AP JUST TOOK OUT THE BLUE AND ARE DISTORTING THE POSTER TO FIT THEIR ARGUMENT EVUL AP! LOL LOL LOL

What an IDIOT! It's proving a trace job fucktard! *brain hurts*

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