D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Dad is Home and Doing Great

Dad had his heart catheter scope surgery Tuesday and they found *NO BLOCKAGES* Yippee! So no further heart surgery was required.

Wednesday I was able to bring Dad home in the afternoon and I spent the night last night at my parent's house so I could take him to the Lab/Clinic really early this morning so they could test his blood thinners. We stopped on the way back to the house to have breakfast at a new restaurant that opened up near their house and Dad is weak but feeling great. He hasn't been able to eat out a a restaurant in months without having atrial fibrillation problems just walking to a table.

*W H E W*

So I am home now and tired but in great spirits so for the first time in a week I'll probably get a decent night's sleep.

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