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My Dad had a heart attack Saturday Morning...

He is doing much better now first off.

I got a call at about 8am Saturday to come over to his house he was feeling bad and Mom was at work. I drove like a bat out of hell and made a normally half hour drive in 15 minutes. By the time I got there he looked terrible. He was pale and clammy in a cold sweat, he had vomited and he said his atrial fibrillation (A condition he suffers, an irregular heartbeat sort of thing) had been going on for almost two hours. He said he had called his Cardiologist and was waiting for a call-back.

He and I said FUCK THAT and called 911. I was positive he was in the middle of a full blown heart-attack.

Turns out he was. Thankfully he had taken his aspirin that morning and the EMTs gave him another and some other drugs while they got him prepped for the ambulance.

I called my mom, his cardiologist, directed them which hospital to take my dad to... then semi-helped them load my dad. (I basically just schelped items behind them). The ambulance takes off, I lock up their house, go to get in my car and then the bloody neighbor wants a "Chat"...

"What's wrong? Is it your Dad? Is he alright?" Take a BREATH BETWEEN QUESTIONS YOU NOSY BITCH!

I'm like... Obviously he is not alright, they took him away in an ambulance for Goodness sakes and you are KEEPING ME FROM FOLLOWING IDIOT!

I didn't put it quite that rudely but I certainly wanted to.

Mom was at the hospital waiting when they pulled in with my Dad in the ER... I got there about 15-20 minutes later. My husband had brought my mom to the ER and by the time I got there... Dad was just about stabilized.


We sent John back to work after Dad was stable, he'd just pace a hole in the floor. They came in for x-rays and shooed mom and I out so we got lunch in the hospital cafeteria since by this time breakfast was long over.

By the time we got back to ER Dad was looking so much better. His color was back, his heart rate was lowered and we then began the wait for a bed to open up so they could admit him.

Went back today to visit and he's still looking better but not allowed to really get up and move around so he's antsy.

They are going to go in with a catheter monitor surgery again on Monday to look inside his heart (He had this surgery done just this past December) and then see if he needs further surgery on Monday.

So I will be spending quite a bit of time incommunicado in the hospital for the next few days.
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