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I have such wonderful loved ones.

I am truly blessed.

I have the most amazing, kind-hearted, wonderful husband on the planet. A real man among men and I just cannot express in enough words how much I love you John. You are always a rock of support when I need you and the only wish I have is that I wish I'd have met you much sooner.

I have parents that are supportive and caring and not only my parents but also my best friends in the world. If I had one wish, I'd wish everyone had a relationship with their parents as I have with mine.

I have the best friends a person could ever ask for. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing your lives with me and letting me share mine with you. Good, bad and just the mundane everyday stuff. No person is poor who is rich in friends and in my opinion I'm a trillionaire in that department. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now to change topic slightly... I've not posted much on this because frankly I don't know much myself yet.
Since August I've lost a LOT of weight and I mean just dropping off and I'm about 30 pounds lighter since last most of you saw me. I wish this was due to diet or my metabolism suddenly working correctly but it's not. Everything I eat makes me quite ill. First there is extreme nausea followed by cramping gas and then within fifteen minutes it is flying out of my body.

I had a joint colonoscoy/endoscopy in December where they found polyps in my colon and removed them (Benign not cancer) and a massive Hiatal hernia, and then in my stomach they found about 20 ulcers, it was hard to find a portion of tissue not ulcerated. The cause? we do not know. It's not stress related, I'm not the sort of person who stresses easily. I'm going to the Doctor again here this afternoon to try and find some medication that will help and try to find the reason for the issues.

When I know more about an actual diagnosis I will update, but it's still unknown as of this point.

I am FINE when my stomach is empty, but eating, yeah not a joy for me right now. About the only thing that sits well i light yogurt and light string cheese. Beverages, water and crystal light tea and even soda, okay no problems. anything with any sort of substance that needs serious digesting? Ugh not pretty.


It's no fun, but not something too terribly difficult to live with right now. As soon as my tummy is empty again I feel better.

The upside, losing weight I have never been able to loose since childhood is nice. I have never eaten much to begin with and the ony reason I was heavy at all was due to my snail like metabolism and the diabetes.

The weight loss is a good thing in my opinion it will make my diabetes so much more manageable in the long run so that is a positive thing out of all of this.

Thanks Again.


Feb. 19th, 2009 02:03 pm (UTC)
Three of my IRL friends have gotten theirs removed in the past six months.

It's becoming an oddly frequent thing. O_o
Feb. 20th, 2009 08:24 am (UTC)
It's not my gallbladder, had it checked it's fine...
The Doctor seems to thing it's my own anatomy being the bitch. With the Schtzki's Ring, Hiatal Herna (Huge section of my stomach poking up through my diaphram) and the ulcers all in my stomach (Including the part that's all knotted in my diaphram) it's just a case of "fucked up" and there is FUCK ALL they can do about it without massive major surgery that is not worth the risk right now.

We're gonna try nexium to at least see if we can get rid of some of the ulcers and that might calm down some of the issues.

Feb. 20th, 2009 09:53 am (UTC)
I always love hearing "Well, we'll try this and hopefully it'll work!" come out my doctors mouth. XD

My stomach is massively ulcerated too, and when my gallbladder went they kept treating me for ulcers and didn't check my gallbladder until I was in enough pain I couldn't eat, sleep, or do much of anything.

Nexium has helped me out quite a bit, so I hope that goes well for you~!

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