D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

I know it was your grief talking

To Nancy Sanders...

I received your messages, but anonymous comments on my journal are screened and I am unable to reply to those comments. I know that was your very real grief talking and you may rant and rave at me all you wish to, it does not change my very real sympathy and empathy for you and your loss. Craig and I had very real differences and I know you only know his side of the issue and will absolutely be biased in his favor and that is fine. I never lied, but believe what you wish.

No, I never met Mark face to face, that is true and I never said otherwise. What little contact I had with him, I spoke the truth when I said I like him well enough. As for Dave, I loved that man dearly, he saved my very life and no matter what, I know in my heart what I owe him and what time I had with him on this earth was very special and dear to my heart.

Believe me or not, think of me whatever you will, but my heart does genuinely go out to you and Mark in this time of sorrow, despite the differences I had with Craig. I am not so evil as you think of me, but if that is how you wish to paint me in your mind, if it gives you solace to rage at me, then so be it.

There are always two sides to every story and Craig's side I know is the side you champion, as you should and I expect no less.

So, in conclusion I have read your replies to my post, I understand the rage and venom contained within them is your grief manifesting and take them with an open heart and it diminishes not my very real empathy for you. The flowers I sent were not meant to insult or hurt you and if you wish to throw them away, then I understand and I apologize if they hurt you and Mark, that was not my intention. I really am truly and utterly sorry for your loss.

May you come to terms quickly, may your heart heal swiftly and may you find happiness in your memories and in your future.

- Dana

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