D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

New Business Update

A free trial size bar as a thank you to the first five people to take a look and give me detailed feedback on the site (ie: Easy to use, no typos or glaring errors, easy to understand etc...)


(Offer applies only to US residents & Canada unless you want to pay international shipping for your freebie. <3 )

Thanks so very much!

I'm also about to launch the Lip Emollients, Body Butters, Facial Moisturizer and Body/Hand Lotion products I'm just waiting on my labels so I can test them on the bottles. :)

You'll be able to choose the scent of your butters and lotions to match your soap exactly so you won't have competing scents going on and the Lip Emollients will be available in 10 flavors:

Maraschino Cherry
Bananas & Cream
Fruit & Yogurt
Honey Almond
Maple Crunch
Oatmeal Cookie
Sweet Berries

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