D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

A Rant about the HDTV vs. Analog Swtich over in February

For the past year and a half we have been inundated with commercials reminding us that in February 2009 if your Television is still an antiquated piece of shit you're no longer going to get a signal... WE GOT IT ALREADY! Please fucking STOP with the reminders every single commercial break on every god damn channel! At this point I really give a shit if Grandma Anges' Television is going to DIE in February. If she hasn't seen the commercials BY NOW, too BAD! Enough with a reminder every five minutes. They are now annoying and getting more and more frequent. What are these reminders going to be like in January if November and December have been literally every commercial break and on the major networks they even have a continual stock style ticker tape scrolling at the bottom of the screen DURING programs reminding to get a converter box to switch over. I would like to watch my shows WITHOUT a ticker tape throughout the entire program please, the commercials are BAD ENOUGH! If some old fart gets no TV in February, at this point it will be their OWN GOD DAMN FAULT, it's not like we haven't been reminded thousands of times now. RAWR! STOP!

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