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Our New House

We put in a BID on this house: http://www.century21.com/idxproperty/index.jsp?id=ERA2569899
and we just accepted the counter offer of $289,900 so all that is left is for the seller to officially accept out acceptance and then the home inspection and this house is OURS!


Mom and Dad will be moving in with John and I into the complete finished basement which is practically a 2 bedroom apartment with a great room in and of itself, which is awesome!

Here's a slide show of some pictures: http://vt.realbiz360.com/Listing-79152.html

I'll take more as we move in as Before and After shots after we paint and put our "stamp" on the place.

I am so excited. W00t!

Other than that well not much to say, I've been sick and don't know what is wrong yet, I'll say more about it when I myself know more.

I'm not dead, just ill lately.
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