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Art Tip for Tablet Users

Art Tip for Tablet Users

Posted on 8 September 2008 at 6:08 PM What is the best way to ruin your tablet?
Getting it all icky from the natural oils in your hands.

Here's an inexpensive "TIP" how to:
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Cut off the tips of the thumb, pointer and middle fingers so you have a secure grip on your pen. But keep the ring finger, pinky and palm covered since they come in contact most with your tablet.


1.) Eliminates the Oil residue from your skin getting on your tablet
2.) Makes it so your hand glides smoothly and evenly across the surface.

I wear this ALL THE TIME and when a pair wears out, I just get a new pair.

I also suffer from Carpal Tunnel so on TOP of my glove I also wear this:

Makes working with a tablet smooth, effective, ergonomic and clean.
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