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I highly recommend these videos to everyone with a brain!

Intelligent Design - PWNED!!!!

From the Big Band to Us -- Made Easy -- by: Potholer54

Why People Laugh at Creationists - by: Thunderf00t

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism Series by: AronRa


Aug. 5th, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)
I have never seen those people of whom you speak, I tend to stay far away from people who claim to be authorities on anything.

However, and this is my argument, I'm not disagreeing that the big bang could have happened, I'm not ignoring the evidence before my eyes, but what caused that bang?

If I want to believe in a God that's out there, if I want to believe he made humans and humans didn't evolve from apes, then what is it to you? I'm not preaching to you, I'm not telling you that your science is wrong (I'm for the most part agreeing, remember?) What is it hurting you if I believe in something more?

Seriously, why does it bother you so much? I can't explain love, I can't touch it, smell it, but I can tell you how wonderful it feels to be with the one I'm with and how gut wrenchingly painful it is to hear him talk about how he's living on borrowed time and that he might die soon, knowing part of me will probably die right along with him. For all your science, your facts, your figures, how do you explain that? Synapses in the brain firing chemicals? Yeah, sure. You're telling me that the only thing going for your new marriage is the chemicals being fired in your brain?

And why the hell are we fighting over how the universe came into existance? Why are they looking into the past? Learn how to grow organs, learn how to cure cancer, not by killing the person, just the cells, it's being done, why isn't it being implemented in more places? Why aren't scientist focusing on the people here and now but would rather get petty over how the stars came to be?
Aug. 6th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
A few misunderstandings on this issue I'd like to clear up:

1. Acceptance of evolution doesn't mean being an atheist. My wife and I aren't atheists. Charles Darwin was a Christian. Some Christians I debate with online accept evolution.

2. Science is concerned with improving our lives here but the medicines you speak of come from fields of study which make no sense unless you accept evolution. The very fact we need a new flu shot every year is because doctors understand that the flu virus evolves. With microbiology, the process can be observed because lifespans are so short. Even Creationists grudgingly accept what they call "microevolution" but still dispute that the process works on the macro level as well.

3. Just because we're free-thinkers doesn't mean we're Vulcans. Carl Sagan certainly lacked no sense of awe for the cosmos. Even the hard-nosed Richard Dawkins and the cynical Christopher Hitchens have spoken with sentiment about the wonders of nature.

4. People can think whatever they want to but when it comes to legislation and the teaching of children in our public schools, we need to put our beliefs aside and operate on what we know.

On that last point, I remember listening to one doctor's lecture where he spoke of how his Christian faith was important to him in church but when he was operating on a patient, it was a time to put aside what he believes and concentrate on what he knows.

Isn't it true that how we teach our children in science class or how we write public legislation is every bit as delicate as how a doctor operates on a patient?

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