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Like Most Sequels....

We'll I've begun Reading "Vadriel Vail" and like most Hollywood sequels, the second does not measure up to the first. It's as if it has been written by a COMPLETELY different author. Or one who has had a major incident in his life taint his view.

"Vadriel Veil" Is dark, morosely, VIOLENTLY dark. We enter this world in 1908 some few years after the ending of "Gaywyck" and are in the slums of Urban festering New York. A lewd, vile, and lecherous youth of 29 is our introduction to the Main love interest in this tale.

In a word, he is a first class "PRICK"

We watch the first chapter unfold with him "Slumming" as he stalks his prey. And to make a long disgusting journey through the slums short. The first chapter ends with our "Hero" Brutally rapping a young immigrant.


I hate rape plot devices, especially when it's the main love interest DOING to actual brutal act.

I cannot absolve this crime, and I most likely will not finish this book, I read a few excerpts later here and there HOPING I was wrong about the main love interest being the rapist.

I was right, the rapist gets the bright lover, gets forgiven by the servant/prior victim from chapter one and lives happily yada... yada... yada.

Sorry, but in my opinion and experience there is no excuse for male rape, for female rape, for any RAPE be it physical, mental or spiritual.

I read about 50 pages of this, and have set it aside. I may be adventurous and actually finish it, but I doubt it.

The first impression for me was NOT good. This one I am sure was written especially with a male audience in mind.

The first was not gender specific, it was character driven, emotionally driven, mentally driven plot.

This one is all sensory, visual, visceral, violent and in your face.

A complete departure from the first in almost any way you look at it.

Sordid, mental imagery, dirty, with the missing bodily fluids and lubes from the first making an appearance in this one.

From ejaculation, lubrication, excrement, urine, dirt, filth, body odor, hair, veins, all of the lacking physical details absent are detailed in depth all in the first 50 pages.

I'm not kidding, you are told it all, down to every last grunt and drop of sweat.

I found the former's innuendo, and emotional basis much more enjoyable.

Someone else will find this one better. To each his and or her own.
And there you have it.

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