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Wedding News & Guest List....

Okay folks, we have set a date: Mark your calendars: May 24th, 2008 (Memorial Day weekend, that Saturday)
It's going to take place here in Louisville, Kentucky.

The ceremony and the reception will take place on a chartered Historical Landmark River SteamBoat and there will be a 3 hour cruise up and down the Ohio River.

Here's the Link to the Belle of Louisville, the actual boat we'll be getting married on.
There will be optional late 19th Century Dress (Think the Jane Austin era, Pride and Predjuice & Sense and Sensibility) in honor of the historical boat built in the river hey day in the late 1800's. Oh, cosplay geeks ahoy!

Those of you who want to attend and think you can make it to Louisville, KY that weekend, please either e-mail me at fablespinner@gmail.com
or reply on my livejournal with your full name and address (Comments screened on Livejournal) so I can send you a formal invitation. Please, only give me this information if you HONESTLY think you can attend. The boat only holds a certain number of people and I need to get my guest list together ASAP.

We just pick up my wedding ring today, John still can't decide which ring he likes best for himself so we'll get his when he decides.

Other than that life has just been hectic with day to day living, I'm not dead, just swamped with Real Life.
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