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Moving Day is set...

I will be leaving CALIFORNIA as of OCTOBER 1, 2007
Here's my Route:  GOOGLE MAP LINK

Well, I've planned out my itinerary with the help of Google Maps, my TomTom ONE GPS device and the Motel 6 website... and it looks like my whole schedule will be: (I've got reservations in Motel 6's all across the country):

Monday 10.01.07 end up in KINGMAN, AZ -- Hotel Phone: 928-753-9222
Tuesday 10.02.07 end up in ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- Hotel Phone: 505-883-8813
Wednesday 10.03.07 end up in OKLAHOMA CITY. OK -- Hotel Phone: 405-947-6550
Thursday 10.04.07 crash in ST.LOUIS, MO -- Hotel Phone: 314-427-1313
Friday & Saturday 10.05.07 - 10.06.07 in LOUISVILLE, KY (meeting John Armstrong finally yay! Gonna catch an Art Show with him on Saturday) -- Hotel Phone: 502-473-0000
Sunday 10.07.07, crash at Grandma's in HAYSI. VA

A seven day trip all in all. Motel 6 is cheap and they accept pets. Here's hoping there are no fleas or roaches. If any of you live near where I am crashing and you wanna say Hi and get dinner or something those evenings I'm in town... My Cell Phone will be with me as always and that number is still the same: 559-300-7586. I know I'll have signal most of the way there, but once in Virginia I know I have NO SIGNAL at Grandma's. If someone needs to reach me call her land line @: 276-865-4240. (I beg you not to call her until AFTER I get there guys, she's 79 be nice.)

My iPOD is loaded with my ENTIRE music library and enough audio books and anime episodes to get me through a week of hotel living and driving...
I have the cat carriers already to go (Got them the medium/small dog ones so they have more room than their cat sized ones.)
I have them both vaccinated and Jack got his balls lopped off. (Needy was already spayed)
Got new glasses ordered, all my stuff packed except my day to day living stuff and all that is in storage until my Parents come out to Virgina (Whenever they sell the house.)
So I will be living MINIMAL until goodness knows when. No books, no movies, no internet, no NOTHING except grass roots BASICS until... I have no clue. 1 month to 3 years not a clue.

So little time left to squeeze in all my last minute things and get those loose ends tied up. Going out by myself is rather daunting but I have to, I need to get established there and I need a JOB asap. It will be up to me to finance a place for me and my parents to live so I have to get established there ASAP so I can apply for home loans and such. 

jo_mako came down to give me a Bon Voyage yesterday and it was nice. She and caro_t and I just Bull shitted and what not it was nice I'mm miss you both a bunch so you'll have to come out and visit me sometime when I ya know, get a place to LIVE that isn't my Grandma's pull out sofa! LOL.

So, yeah, there you have it.
The Big Move Cross-Country is Nigh!
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