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Where oh Where has Dana gone?

Life Update...

I am sore, I am tired, I am sick of packing and painting and cleaning and staging a house for sale...
I am sick of working 50 hours a week overtime to bring in extra money on top of that...
I have not had a moment to be creative or read or do anything since July...
Unless you count ONE DAY, I took to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (The day it came out)
I sat and read until I was done and then got up to pack again.

I feel disconnected with who I was and what I loved doing. It's all about real life being a bastard and I want my LIFE BACK!

House should go up on the Market on Monday, everyone please cross your fingers for a FAST SALE.
We need it, I can't afford the mortgage alone and my Dad's severance only has 2 more weeks before it stops. *PANIC TIME*

We want to sell and move before we miss any house payments.

Maybe someday I'll get to play like a little fangirl again, here's to hoping!

Love to all my FLIST.... I *MISS YOU GUYS!!!!*


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