D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Drastic Life Changes... Why I've been MIA

Well I was gearing up to go back to school in September and I just called today to cancel those plans....

Well after 15 years of working for Custom Chrome, they downsized my dad's ENTIRE DEPARTMENT
So Dad applied at where I work, and they hired him... all was good, or so we thought.
They called saying my Dad's urine drug test came back positive for Marijuana...


My dad has NEVER touched the stuff, not even in the 60's when he was a fucking teenager hippy!
The closest he got was probably in 1976 when his drummer lit one up in the same room.

So they rescinded their offer of a Job to my dad.
I mean how fucking ridiculous! He's a 60 year old man I'm so sure he's toking doobies!!!

So since my parents wanted to retire anyway, they have decided to just do it early now and are gearing up to sell the house and move back to Virginia.

Where does that leave D?

Being the only source of income now in my family, there is just no way I can go back to school now and I certainly cannot afford this house on my own so School is now once again a pipe dream for me and I will be helping sell the house here in California and move to take care of my mom and dad in Virginia and help my dad try to open HIS dream of owning his own guitar shop.

So I am still moving here very soon, but back to the east in Virginia instead of Arizona.

That's why I haven't been doing much lately. Life here has been chaotic to say the least.

There are upsides to this though... don't get me wrong. We will be around our family again, we have NO FAMILY in California at all. So it will be nice to be able to go get things my Grandmother needs and visit her much more often. She is 80 and I do want to be closer to her here before she goes.

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