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My Next Tattoo

I've designed my next tattoo, symbolic of me coming out of my "ashes" and being more confident and secure and happy in my life:

On a personal note, my sciatica is still KILLING ME! My whole right lower back is on fire 24/7 and I've been to 2 Chiropractors for the past 3 weeks. Dr. Wang said and I quote:

"You have the tightest Glutes I've EVER FELT"

Great I have Buns of Steel when I don't want them. My whole right side is locked solid and apparently they have been spasmed for so long I have scar tissue on my muscles he is trying to break up the fibers to relieve the pressure on my sciatic nerve.

I'm going to see an acupuncturist either Dr. Lismin Ling or HuiJu Chang on Wednesday and try some ancient eastern medicine to see if I can get RELIEF from the constant pain!

I'm alright if I'm sitting down, it's just a dull ache. The minute I start moving, it "hitches" and shoots down my right butt cheek and lower back. Bringing new meaning to a "Hitch in my get along".

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