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My First Attempt at Sewing Garments....

Please note, I have never sewn ANYTHING in my life, unless you count 6th grade Home Ec class where I made a pathetic laundry bag 25 years ago!!!
I've had a sewing machine sitting in the garage for about 10 years and it was so bloody dusty I had to spend 2 hours just cleaning the darn thing.

But I said to myself, I'm an artsy farsty person, I spent several years in the SCA watching others making my garb and if cavemen can develop this skill surely I can use basic reasoning and make a simple Chemise/Tunic.

It didn't come out half bad either.

First I made the Pattern...
Body and Sleeves and then cut four pieces of silk from these templates

Here it is basted together with seam tape

And then Test fitted on Perdain

It fit so then I took it over to Ye Olde Singer and sewed all the pieces together
Note the bottle of Corona, when frustrated with breaking sewing needles and seam ripping out crooked seams
a little Cervesa is a great antidote!

I then threaded in eleasti at the neck and gave Perdain another Test fit... coming together!

Neck Detail

Add a little decorative trim to cuffs and Hem

Detail of trim

Now to make a belt...
10 inches of white leather and a great silver and gold trim I found at JoAnn Fabrics makes a great belt with metal accents!
I have it fastened with Velcro in the back.

Here's a shot with the belt in place

Now to make some jewelry!

Perdain is now Commando Underneath!

Next Weekend I tackle Making him a pair of pants for this outfit, but this alone took me about 18 hours in total.
I'm done for this weekend
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