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Recipe: D's Gringo De Gallo

Okay, here's my own take on a Spanish/Mexican staple. Made for pallets like MINE who cannot eat spicy foods, but like a little zip and tang without the "OMG MY TONGUE IS ON FIRE" type bite.

This is great with tortilla ships or all by itself.

D's - "Gringo De Gallo"
(Based on the Spanish/Mexican "Pico De Gallo")
Total Prep time 10-15 minutes

4 Medium Sized Tomatoes
1-2 handfuls (1 cup-ish) Fresh Cilantro leaves
1 Large Sweet Yellow or White Onion
1 pound small cooked popcorn Shrimp (Optional)
1 pound finely chopped/shredded Imitation Crab (Optional)
1 small lemon shaped bottle of Lemon Juice
1 small lime shaped bottle of Lime Juice

Finely dice tomatoes, onions and mix well. Stir in about 1-2 handfuls of Cilantro leaves (Leave off the stalks naturally and add this to taste, Cilantro can be POTENT).... Stir in Shrimp and shredded Crab.... add liberal amounts of the lime and lemon juice (I mean a lot of it, this gives the zip without the BITE)...

Eat as a chip dip or just straight out of the bowl! YUMMY!!!!!

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