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[Fanfiction] A Smile to Reach Your Eyes

ZOMG what is this? FANFICTION? From Dana? It's only been 4 years... Not that long.
Yup. Because I have a new OTP that gives me squishies!
Kurogane x Fay from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNICLE

Kurogane is such a hotheaded bastard and Fay is the most complex, fun, sneaky, and orneriest shit on the planet! I just giggle and snarf watching FAY press every single one of Kurogane's "Hot Buttons" (And get away with it even though Kuro-puppy threatens disembowelment pretty much every episode. He wouldn't want to lop of the head of his fuck buddy now would he? (I think I also have a Dark Seme x Blond Uke fetish too....)


“A Smile to Reach Your Eyes”
Fanfiction for Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNICLE
Yaoi Kurogane x Fay D. Flourite

Chapter One Under CutCollapse )
Tags: fanfiction, tsubasa reservoir chronicle

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