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[Fanfiction] A Smile to Reach Your Eyes

ZOMG what is this? FANFICTION? From Dana? It's only been 4 years... Not that long.
Yup. Because I have a new OTP that gives me squishies!
Kurogane x Fay from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNICLE

Kurogane is such a hotheaded bastard and Fay is the most complex, fun, sneaky, and orneriest shit on the planet! I just giggle and snarf watching FAY press every single one of Kurogane's "Hot Buttons" (And get away with it even though Kuro-puppy threatens disembowelment pretty much every episode. He wouldn't want to lop of the head of his fuck buddy now would he? (I think I also have a Dark Seme x Blond Uke fetish too....)


“A Smile to Reach Your Eyes”
Fanfiction for Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNICLE
Yaoi Kurogane x Fay D. Flourite

*Author’s Note: This is Based on the limited information we actually have on Fay and his past. Even the Manga hasn’t given us much to go on yet, this is purely author speculation. As to the Characterization of Kurogane and Fay, what they show on the surface vs. what they think and feel inside is also based on my interpretation of their personalities. Adults can be quite complex and jaded and the one dimension shown to the world at large does not necessarily reflect the true multi-dimensional beings we all are within our soul.

Chapter One

Kurogane rubbed his aching temples, how long had they been on his forsaken quest? Too long in his opinion, but judging from what he’d seen thus far and the sheer number of feathers still out there left to fill the Princess’ empty head they were going to be pussy footing across the dimensions for quite some time yet. “Fuck.” Kurogane grumbled sitting against a tree and squinting out the bright sunlight that made his headache worse.

“Such language Kuro-daddy. What if the children heard such vulgarities?” Fay said in the irritatingly charming and simultaneously insulting tone that made Kurogane want to punch Fay’s lights out or bend him over to make him beg for mercy in that voice. How something as simple as a voice could cover every end of Kurogane’s spectrum was beyond him. One minute he wanted to hear Fay laugh, the next he wanted to cut Fay’s running short and spare him the trouble by simply lopping off that beautiful head with his sword.

“The Children can kiss my ass at the moment. I’m tired, I’m dirty, I have a headache and a bitchy pansy ass wizard annoying me. Go, be… fruity somewhere else bastard.” Kurogane spat and damn it all if the wizard queen didn’t just laugh.

“Oh you are in a grumpy mood today Kuro-rin. Did daddy get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” Fay teased and Kurogane just scowled.

“Considering you take up all the covers all the time and your feet are like fucking ice blocks, what do you think? The last world was freezing and I had your damn frigid feet making it worse.” Kurogane spat and Fay crinkled his eyes.

“But you were lovely and warm and it’s not my fault we had to share a room.” Fay said and Kurogane squinted up at him.

“I am not your own personal heater bastard. How someone supposedly acclimated to cold climates can be such a pussy when it comes to a little snow and ice is beyond me. I sometimes think ice water runs in your veins you’re so damn frigid.” Kurogane said and for the briefest instant Fay’s eyes flashed and then quickly were masked again by that smile that never seemed to reach his eyes. Kurogane had once again it seemed brushed too close to something personal for Fay.

Kurogane was no one’s fool and the tight lipped wizard was hiding something, something terrible. Kurogane knew bits and pieces, he knew it had something to do with King Ashura of Fay’s home world of Ceres, he knew Fay had been the King’s head wizard and that Fay had betrayed his King and Cast him under a sleeping spell. But that was it, that was as much as anyone knew and all Fay would confirm. No details, nothing to explain the events that had shaped Fay, nothing personal, nothing intimate, just an inane smile and a changing of subject when someone got too close to something personal to Fay. It was Fay’s trademark to answer a question with a question and evade the details.

Whatever Fay hid under his jovial façade and bright demeanor was eating him alive slowly. He had no self-preservation desires, when he thought no one was looking his face was a serious blank expression, and his eyes held immeasurable amounts of pain. The man simply wanted to die, that much was clear to Kurogane’s scrutiny. How many times had Fay not used his magic in hopes someone would best him and kill him? How many times did he look disappointed he was still breathing after a battle? Many times, far too many times, every time. Syaoran and Sakura never noticed, lost in their own little narrow view of the quest or making doe eyes at each other the way young teens often do.

Puppy love was obsessive and Kurogane was as frustrated with the children and their pussy footing around each other as he was with Fay being false.

“Frigid? You have no idea.” Was Fay’s cold remark as he wandered off, pulling back on his mask and cheerfully humming as he walked over to check on Sakura. She was coming around and soon they’d be on their way to look for shelter and find out what world they were in this time.

“I have a pretty good idea actually. How little credit you give me.” Kurogane thought to himself as he watched and pondered. Fay was certainly a mystery, a beautiful golden haired pale God in white robes. Tall and lanky with crystal clear blue eyes that flashed with his inner power, magic was in his very pores and glowed from behind his eyes. Calling Fay weak would be an injustice, however frail he appeared physically Kurogane had to admit that judging a book by its cover would be deadly if applied to one Fay D. Flourite. The man had hidden depths of strength he showed no one, yet served them all silently.

Even without using magic, as he’d sworn time and again not to, Fay was efficient. However absent his self preservation was, his protective nature came out in full force if one of the children or Kurogane was in danger. He was like a mother tigress protecting her young from predators and he’d swiftly strike and aid if someone needed him. That Kurogane respected. Fay was much stronger than he looked and agile as the feline he reminded Kurogane of in many ways. He’d seen Fay effortlessly carry Sakura away from danger to get her to safety, leaving the messy butchering of swordplay to the master. Fay’s mind solving intricate riddles to further advance their quest and find ways of getting back Sakura’s feathers in the trickiest of situations, he found solutions without resorting to magic. He was indeed multi-faceted and an enigma to ponder.

His good qualities were many. Intelligent and agile and sincere kindness just a few of them, Kurogane trusted few people, Fay was at least worthy of his trust. However secretive he may be about his past, in the present he had shown time and again that when the going got tough, he could be depended upon to do what was needed when it was needed and serve as a foundation of the group. There he was genuine and it showed in his obvious affection for the children. He was indeed the “mother” of the group even if Kurogane would rather wash his genitals with sandpaper than to admit even a modicum of acknowledgement of that fact. It would only encourage the bastard to tease him more than he already did. He’d draw that jester mask on with a vengeance and make Kurogane want to throttle him endlessly.

He hated the jester Fay and all the insidiousness it implied or disguised. It was unnerving to see someone continually smile when the eyes above the smile were dead and lifeless entities. The Children didn’t seem to notice, Fay was very good at acting and posturing for the benefit of the children. Kurogane saw through the deception and Fay knew he did and let the mask slip at night behind closed doors once Syaoran and Sakura were asleep. He’d sit silently and stare endlessly at the stars, thinking things only the Gods could hear. Kurogane would watch him then, study the beautiful wizard lost in his thoughts, and surmise just what went on behind those beguiling blue eyes. Whatever it was, it was a deeply rooted pain and pain was something Kurogane knew intimately. He’d seen enough of it and felt enough of it to recognize it in others. He couldn’t and would push Fay to share his pain when Kurogane himself was loathe to share his with others. Pain was personal, pain shaped a person, and he wouldn’t push Fay to share his anymore than Fay would push Kurogane to share his.

Everyone had their secrets, some just more profound than others. Fay’s were profound indeed and Kurogane would let him keep them until he chose to unburden them or not. He was a grown man and Kurogane would not presume or force a man to go against his will. That would just be one more pain added to an already overflowing load.

Fay was Fay, like it or not. He was a living breathing riddle and when he wasn’t pushing all of Kurogane’s anger buttons on purpose, he as unconsciously pushing Kurogane’s other more, intimate buttons. Kurogane couldn’t deny he thought Fay was beautiful. Hell, everyone who met him in the street flirted or fawned over him. Male and female alike and the bastard flirted right back. The man positively swished when he walked and some of the outfits he’d chosen to wear from world to world could be considered downright scandalizing.

The time in the desert when Fay had worn little more than a see-through veil wrapped around his loins had sent Kurogane repeatedly out for a cold shower. He was long and lean everywhere. Slender as a reed and perfectly creamy and toned in all the right places. His ass alone would have priests disavowing celibacy for a touch of those pert round globes of flesh. Tiny pink nipples on a smooth hairless chest, sinfully long legs on a limber frame gave Kurogane many nights of dreaming fantasies. Having those calves wrapped around his shoulders as he folded Fay in half and pounded him into submission. Those were very nice and very frequent dreams. Especially after that trip to the desert where Kurogane had quite an extended eyeful of Fay’s flesh and he was very glad on that particular stay they had separate rooms. Fay’s virtue would have been seriously compromised otherwise. Just sleeping next to him clothed was hard enough, naked would be Kurogane’s downfall.

He’d spent more than one night, pleasuring himself under his sheets and fantasizing that Fay was moaning his name. That was a secret he was not about to divulge to anyone, perfect reasoning to allow Fay to keep his intact as well. Kurogane was no stranger to sex, he’d had plenty of partners once. Whore houses were abundant and were frequented when he’d wanted to blow off more than a little steam and take care of his natural urges. He was still a young man in his prime after all and a willing and no strings attached night of carnal activity was refreshing.

Love was something that never entered into the equation, he couldn’t remember a single name of one of his partners and not that he’d asked either. He’d pay his money, choose a pretty bed mate, have sex and then leave. He’d had both males and females and all of them nice on the eyes and nicer in the sheets but none he’d wanted to linger with afterwards. None he felt comfortable enough with to sleep beside. Daggers and assassins came in the night while one was vulnerable. Kurogane took no chances. No wallowing in bed cuddling pointlessly, masquerading like affections had been involved. Why lie? He gave a toss about them personally and as soon as he left they’d have another man in their bed soon after.

No one had ever sparked serious desires in him beyond lust. He did know how to love though, he also knew how it hurt to lose love. He’d loved his parents and had watched them both die brutally. He loved Princess Tomoyo like a sister and she had comforted him when he’d needed it most and then even she cast him aside in the end. That was a bitter thorn in his side. That love stung like a wasp still in his heart. Yet, despite his desire to close off his heart, he found himself losing it again against his will.

This time however, he would ignore it and not let it get out of hand again. Would he deny he felt more than mere lust for Fay? No, he couldn’t, he did care and it really was impossible to lie to ones self. Would he admit this out loud? No. He’d bite his tongue off first. Fay was an object of annoyance, of desire, of love and was off limits. Opening that can of worms was only asking for heartbreak later. Fay was running from King Ashura and more than once had stated he’d never stop running. That included when this quest was over and Kurogane went home. Fay would keep going, away from Ashura and away from Kurogane.

So keeping this relationship platonic was best, nothing to lose in the end if nothing was gained after all.


Fay checked on Sakura, well taken care of by Syaoran as always and then continued to walk checking out their surroundings and thinking. Kurogane was far too perceptive and damn the man for always looking right through him. Fay was not so naïve to think that Kurogane didn’t suspect the truth, the man had his own demons and could easily recognize them in others. He was lethally smart, strong as an ox and a terrifyingly skilled swordsman. One didn’t gain such insight and skill from living a pampered life. It was best to keep men like Kurogane at arms length, any closer and he’d figure out everything or at least get close enough to make things considerably uncomfortable.

So Fay teased him and pushed all the buttons he knew would irritate Kurogane just far enough to frustrate him so he’d give up the chase and walk away to fume. Volatile tempers were thankfully easy enough to ignite with a few well placed harmless digs at his ego. Fay also had to admit begrudgingly he was amused watching Kurogane sputter and swear and scowl at him when he lost the battle of words. He was such a handsome man and even more ruggedly appealing when he was pouting like a child. Kurogane hated to lose, and didn’t on the battlefield when swords were parried. On Fay’s battle ground of glib jests, Kurogane was a rank amateur. Here so much Fay was the master and he never let Kuro-puppy forget it.

Fay often regretted pushing Kurogane away, like this afternoon he’d gone just a little too far and Kurogane let slip he knew more than Fay wished. There were times Fay wanted to give in and unburden his woes on ears that could at least partially understand. Give in to his desires and just shed his shackles and wallow in the pleasures of the here and now. To lay sweaty and naked and covered in Kurogane’s scent was a frequent dream. How many times had he been tempted? Every time they shared a bed together. How many times had he silently slipped away from the group to take care of business? Every time Kurogane came back from a vigorous afternoon of training all sweaty and manly and grinning wolfishly after his thrashing of Syaoran in the garden.

Fay would watch them spar and marvel at the grace and control under such a large frame. You just didn’t expect a man as tall and built as Kurogane to be so light on his feet, nor as swift and graceful as he was. It was like a dance of power and steel and no one was Kurogane’s master. He was breathtaking to watch and stirred an ache in Fay’s heart he squashed with jokes and jesting. If he gave in, if he allowed Kurogane inside all was lost. Ashura would know, he’d pull out all of Fay’s deepest and darkest secrets and exploit them painfully. If Ashura ever awoke, and Fay knew he would eventually, he’d track Fay down and everyone Fay cared about and inflict unspeakable tortures on them all, making Fay watch as he systematically destroyed people for sadistic revenge.

If Fay didn’t let them into his heart they were safe. The minute Ashura stirred, Fay would flee as far and as fast as he could, putting as much distance between the children and Kurogane as possible to protect them. He did care, so much so he wept when he knew no one was looking. He loved them all silently. He admired and loved Syaoran’s single minded dedication and drive and his all encompassing love of Sakura that kept him going, even though the price levied upon him by the dimensional witch was so very cruel and so very high. Sakura would never remember him or their past and he could never tell her how they had grown to love each other. Thankfully even though Sakura’s mind failed to remember, her heart at least recognized that love. They had that much left to them and it would eventually flourish again.

It was plain how they clung to each other that the love had never truly been lost and would only grow as they did. They were still both young yet, in the flower of their teens and budding like roses in the garden. This was their spring awakening, waiting for the last of the snows of winter to dissipate before the garden sprang into full bloom. Fay secretly hoped he’d be with them long enough to see that happen, to see them full of youthful passion and perhaps even long enough to see them marry each other. Fay knew that was as inevitable as breathing. Those two were soul mates, fated to be together come hell or high water.

He loved Sakura’s gentleness and acceptance and her fresh naivety and trust. Oh to be so clean and un-jaded was a joy to watch and Fay would protect her innocence with all he was worth. He’d not let her suffer, not if he could help it.

He loved Kurogane. He loved his strength, his dedication, his explosive nature, his instinctive will power and his obvious respect of Fay. He would not intrude uninvited past the boundaries Fay imposed. Even if Fay wished he would at times. He was proud and arrogant and crude but good. His heart was in the right place even if he vehemently denied having something as weak as a conscience at all. He was a force to be reckoned with. A Lion standing guard over his pride, protecting them and guiding Syaoran like a father would. Letting Syaoran stumble just enough before lending a hand and teaching him. The way he watched Sakura like a hawk, making sure Syaoran minded himself.

That amused Fay, Syaoran was a good boy he didn’t need watching, he’d not touch Sakura until their wedding night and even then Fay suspected he’d beat himself up many hours until he got the nerve to bed her. Sex for them would be special and beautiful and how Fay envied them down to his core. He’d never known pure sex, never known the simple joy of having a partner that didn’t wring him dry and bleed him to the point of oblivion. Ashura had twisted everything in his life to the point where there was no line between pleasure and pain anymore, no joy, no freedom, just magic and abuse and using Fay until he was a crumpled heap on the floor. How had he mistaken such depravity as love once Fay didn’t know. Perhaps when that was all one knew, the longing to feel loved even if it was a charade was preferable to the emptiness of a cell with nothing but the sound of his own voice weeping to comfort him. Even pain was something to be felt, to be experienced, a touch in the void of his childhood existence.

Fay sighed, he was weary and just wanted it all to be over. To return to that nothingness and sleep, sleep and never wake up. Maybe someday that wish would come true, but he was a coward and couldn’t do it himself. How many times had he had that knife poised over his wrists only to stare at it trembling in his fingers before it dropped from his hands again? He was too cowardly to take his own life, he was afraid of everything, even death. He would never ask it of Kurogane who had enough death on his soul and blood on his hands to cope with. He’d surely never ask Syaoran and certainly not Sakura so he chose to protect them and not himself. Eventually his luck would run out and he’d at least spend his life’s breath doing at least one good thing in the process. Giving his life to protect them was his atonement, he’d killed so many, seen such destruction and devastation from his own hands. The least he could do to make amends was unselfishly give to those who need him until the death bell tolled his name.

“Fay is Sad.” Came the voice of Mokona as he landed on Fay’s shoulder and and rubbed his cheek against Fay’s. Mokona saw through everything, the little empathic bunny like creature was impossible to shield against.

“I’m fine Mokona. I’m just tired. Do you sense a feather here?” Fay asked changing the subject.

“It’s far away, long way Kyuu.” Mokona said with a forlorn little whine at the end of his statement.

“But so long as it’s here will find it.” Fay encouraged looking out over the landscape and seeing a village in the distance. The crunching of footsteps alerted Fay to Kurogane’s easy approach and he stood a moment silently beside Fay and rested his eyes on the horizon.

“The sun is setting, we should make haste. I don’t like the smell of this wind coming. Even the birds are silent.” Kurogane said and Fay trusting Kurogane’s instinctual senses nodded.

“I feel it too. Magic is in the air here and it’s none too friendly you are right. Why don’t you go on ahead and find us a room somewhere and I’ll follow with the Kids, Sakura is almost ready to move again.” Fay said and Kurogane nodded and set off at a brisk pace o secure lodgings as Fay went over to the children.

“Kuro-san is getting us shelter. Princess can you walk yet?” Fay asked and Sakura rubbed sleepy eyes and nodded.

“I remembered how I used to be afraid of the dark, that monsters lived under my bed and someone gave me a night light that made butterflies of light on my ceiling to keep the monsters away.” Sakura said as Fay helped her to her feet, his eyes watching Syaoran’s reaction. As always, the pain in his eyes was well guarded but evident to someone who also hid pain well. It seems yet another gift he’d given to Sakura was remembered save for the giver of that gift.

“Whomever gave that to you, must have cared about you. Light is the best defense against the creatures of darkness.” Fay said laying a gentle hand on Syaoran’s shoulder and squeezing. His heart continually broke for Syaoran’s sake. So strong for such a special young man so clueless about his own strengths.

“Let’s go Sakura-Hime.” Syaoran said shouldering one of her arms to support her as they walked. Fay following behind to protect them as they headed toward the village, a sense of foreboding gathering in their wake, something was watching them and was not happy at their arrival.

Kurogane was waiting for them at the village gates. “Hurry, they are locking the gates for the night. They say demons come out after dark.” Kurogane said to others as they passed the gates and they shut behind them.

“Demons are always about, we just fear them more in dark places.” Fay said softly, feeling the hairs on his neck rise as the level of magic increased. He followed he others to a small in where the innkeeper was waiting for them outside, as he turned to face them and smiled Fay stopped short, the hairs on his neck screaming as all the blood drained from his face and cold gripped his spine.

“Welcome travelers. Your companion arrived just in time and I have two rooms being prepared for you. My Name is Ashura and welcome to my Inn.” He said and Fay had to scream inside that this was not his Ashura, just the same soul in another dimension. But the face, that horribly beautiful and terrible face was a reminder of the hell he was running from. His insides were filled with dread as a fake smile was painted on his lips and he had to force his voice to remain calm and not betray his utter terror.

“Thank you.” Fay said and Kurogane turned to him and his eyes widened. Fay’s eyes were haunted and despite the friendly façade, Kurogane knew Fay was terrified. So this was Ashura’s dimensional duplicate, his Ashura from his world still sleeping, but seeing a face you feared was difficult.

Ashura smiled. “My you look like my kitchen helper. You could be twins.” Ashura purred as a tall lanky youth, Fay’s dimensional double walked outside with a basket of apples. Both men stopped and stared at one another, they were like two sides of a mirror save that this world’s Fay wore his hair long like a woman’s.

“Double Double Kyuu!!” Mokona chirped and landed on Fay’s shoulder.

“My word, you do look like me. My name is Fay. What’s yours?” The youth asked and Fay swallowed.

“Fay.” He said and both men just continued to stare.

“Same faces and same names, what a glorious coincidence are you sure you’re not twins separated at birth?” Ashura asked and both men nodded.

“I have no siblings.” Fay said and his duplicate nodded.

“I have no family.” The double added sending shivers down everyone’s spines. The moment needed to be broken and Kurogane coughed.

“Let’s just go inside, I’m hungry.” Kurogane said grabbing Fay’s wrist and dragging him inside.

“Thanks.” Fay whispered and Kurogane just grunted and nodded and led them to a table by the fire.

“Drink enough to forget and we can leave in the morning and fine somewhere else.” Kurogane said ordering a pitcher of ale brought over and shoved a tankard in Fay’s hands.

“Normally I abide drunkenness, here however I’ll not argue the logic of it.” Fay said drowning his tankard as Syaoran too Sakura upstairs to get her settled.

Ashura and Fay were working the quickly filling room of dinner patrons. Fay’s eyes never leaving Ashura. “Don’t Fay. It’s not him.” Kurogane said and Fay nodded.

“It is and it isn’t, I know that. But a foul soul in ever dimension it seems. He’s wicked here too, I can feel it, he’s dripping with malice.” Fay said and Kurogane sighed.

“Should we leave now?” He asked and Fay shrugged.

“Where would we go? I can watch him here, the magic is getting worse outside. This is a case of the lesser of two evils. The evil we can see or the evil we can’t? Just make sure Syaoran stays with Sakura tonight. They’ll be safe enough. It’s me that has Ashura’s attention right now.” Fay said and Kurogane nodded and disappered a few minutes upstairs to give Syaoran his orders to stay put and safe behind locked doors. He returned quickly to Fay’s side, not wanting to leave him unprotected either for long.

He watched Fay’s double across the room, cowed and subservient to Ashura. This was a good glimpse into Fay’s past and from what he knew of King Ashura and Fay’s relationship, it had probably been much the same as the one being displayed here.

This world’s Fay was a servant to a wicked master. A parallel that was eery to watch. The door opened and it was Kurogane’s turn to blink in surprise. A young man, looking like he was a blacksmith of sorts walked in and over to Fay. He was in every way Kurogane’s double. Right down to the red eyes. But like Fay’s double, his hair was longer and braided down his back.

Ashura scowled at the new arrival and Kurogane watched as Fay-double smiled brightly at Kurogane-double. Who shockingly smiled back. “So that is what you would look like smiling Kuro-pi. Handsome.” Fay chuckled into his tankard and eyeing Kurogane over it’s rim. Kurogane grunted.

Kurogane-double sat at the bar and Fay-double served him a beer and then leaned over the counter to bestow Kurogane-double a decidedly affectionate peck on his lips. “How was the horse fair?” He asked and Kurogane-double smiled and wiped the froth from his lip before answering.

“Robbery as always, but did a good day’s business though, enough in fact that I have enough at last to buy us that cottage and the marriage certificate. We can get married now.” Kurogane-double said and Fay cheered and flung his arms around Kurogane’s neck.

“Oh Kuro! I knew you’d do it!” Fay-double said and both Fay and Kurogane looked at each other.

“You have to buy a marriage here?” Fay asked another patron who laughed.

“Goodness, where are you from stranger? Of course you do. In Rindle no one gets married without paying the tax for the certificate. Twenty-silvers for engagement rights and fifty-silvers more for the marriage certificate, however, you can’t get one of those unless you own property and can prove you can provide for your chosen spouse. Where are you lads from?” The man asked and Fay shrugged.

“A long way away.” Was all he answered turning his eyes back to watching his double and Kurogane’s double celebrate. Fay shivered as he watched Ashura’s eyes narrow. There was trouble in paradise there and Fay knew that look. Jealousy.

“How delightful. Fay, be a dear and start another pot of stew please.” Ashura said breaking into the moment and once Fay walked off Ashura leaned over the counter to glare at Kurogane-double. He glared right back.

“He’s mine Ashura, don’t think to cause trouble.” Kurogane-double said and Ashura grinned and Fay had to bite back the whimper of dread that threatened to escape his throat. The same grin Ashura always smiled when he felt like the cat about to toy with mere vermin.

“It is you who does not know how to think Blacksmith. I told you once and I tell you again. Fay has been and will always be mine. His leash is short and I control it. I let you play your little love games long enough. His body and soul belong to me.” Ashura said and Fay couldn’t watch anymore, he felt sick and terrified and was watching something he feared most unfolding. He shoved his way outside to heave before losing what dinner he had into the bushes. Kurogane was there behind him.

“Talk to me Fay.” Kurogane said quietly and Fay stood and turned painful eyes to Kurogane.

“There is no need. You are looking at a pale imitation of all my worst fears, all my worst experiences. Your double is not long on this earth, I know that look, that look is death.” Fay said before turning and walking away.

Kurogane sighed. Suddenly everything was like an epiphany. This was why Fay hid behind masks. He feared not for himself, but for others. This world’s Fay was a reflection of Fay’s truest soul. The gentle lover, not afraid of affection and not afraid to show the world how much he loved his Kurogane, the Fay that had not learned the price of jealousy, but was blindly facing it on a razor’s edge.

The Fay Kurogane knew had already seen that razor and had been not only cut by it’s blade, but torn and shredded until the gentleness and love was buried and squashed and all that was left was fear and immeasurable pain.

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